Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to dismantle a terrorist camp

Question : What do you get when you attack a major Indian city using 10 misled youth , take it hostage for a few days while slaughtering hundreds over the period ?

Answer : You get 11 frustrated Pakistani Cricketers , and , I still can't believe it though , a retributive Pakistani Government . "We will pay you back in kind" was what they have said .


And you get this after 1 year, 1 month and 27 days. Well, isn't payback a bitch ? :D We all must be so proud and happy that justice has been served , at last .

But the kind of sick,twisted and vindictive person I am , I am not even close to being content . I want the Lions of our GoI to ban the export of Tea and Fairness cream to Pakistan . That would be a more befitting reply . Yeah . Let those Paki's simmer for a while without fairness creams and Indian tea as well . Let's show them who has got the balls .

And if you take a few more stringent measures like these , then the giant and intricate terror breeding network , and the hate-mongering nation of Pakistan will be on its knees , gasping for a chance to participate in IPL , among many other things .

That is how you dismantle a terrorist camp , and eventually a terrorist state . :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Math, God and Time Travel

1 and 0.

1 is Force.

0 is energy.

They exist as 11, which is when force is in abundance, and destroys.

When energy is added to force, when zeroes are added at the end of a 1, we all know what happens. And everything can be expressed in terms of 1 and 0 .

They exist as 00, when an abundance of energy creates.

And they exist in the quantum state of 10 or 01, which their simultaneous and balanced existence, also known as the state of preservation.

When there is a balance between the two, then it is said to be in a state of preservation. The three of them co-exist, as the Trinity in Hindu Philosophy, as the 3 physical dimensions, as the biological processes of birth, life and death, and in many other unseen, unheard or inexperienced ways.

Force needs energy. It is the concentrated form of energy. Energy is channel less without force. What will energy ride, in absence of force? But what does not ride, and cannot be rode, what needs no medium, no complementing entity, is Time.

Force is 2 dimensional. It is a vector. Energy is 1 dimensional. It is a scalar. Together, they are the third dimension. Time is like the blanket wrapped around the three dimensions. It is always there, containing it all. For can you ever tell when was there no time?

Force and Energy together create what we can see, touch and hear as the 3 dimensional structures we are and contained in , and the World around us is permeated by what we cannot see, hear or touch, by what we only have a limited sense of, Time.

That’s God. And it manifests itself in so myriad ways, and that it would be foolish attempting to quantify it. And it is expressed in so many different languages, by so many different religions and is so many different shades and hues. What else can it be but God? And an Avatar of God seems to be the incarnation of a balanced form of Force and Energy. I do not know whether the physical manifestation of an Avatar can be substantiated or not, but the concept exists.

Suddenly time travel makes sense. Say, there is a very small, but very discrete unit of time. Something a lot smaller than a second, say t. Then at the end of some duration of t, something which is sort of like a snapshot of our 3 dimensional World is being saved. So, we have a super map, which contains every moment. We need to figure out how to map our sense of space and time, say 15th August, 1947 A.D. at the Red Fort, New Delhi, to find out the right co-ordinates from that super map, so that we can reach there. And this is for going back into the past. The future would be a lot more difficult, because we need to figure out the how, as well as the where, which region of the super map. Now, what all the Sci-Fi books and movies have been trying to show makes sense. :) Warp time.

Reflect on the Genius of Einstein. He gave us the equation of energy. E equals mc squared. That IS mind blowing. And theoretical explanations of time travel are supported by his theories.

What inspired what I wrote above? Flat Land. Read about it and check it on you tube. It blew me away, because may be, deep down, I am in love with Mathematics, but I just cannot express it the way Mathematicians do. And I apologize if I wasted your precious time.