Saturday, May 12, 2007


How can you ever repay the women,
Who bore you, nurtured you, cared for you,
Whose love for you is deeper than her blood,
For whom you are closer to her than her heart,
Who stood the insurmountable, excruciating pain,
Only to shed the tears of joy in happiness and gain,
Whose first and last thoughts are of you,
For you she laughed, cried and sighed,
Through the low and high of tides,
Engraved are you in her heart and soul,
For your smallest of sufferings,
She took a severe toll,
For whom you are a treasure trove,
Whose emotions for you define Love?
There is no way, to pay that debt!
Neither in the heavens, nor on this earth,
Nowhere in this unbound Universe's girth!
I have never seen God,
But I sure have seen more than a glimpse of Him,
In the woman who gave me more than my Life,
My Mother.
For all the mothers in this World !