Thursday, November 26, 2009

Death to Pakistan

Death to Pakistan !

Death to Pakistan !!

Death to Pakistan !!!

Death to Pakistan , for all the innocent blood they have shed , and tried to pawn it of as an act of faith . I can not possibly believe , that a rather large bunch of Grade A idiots could manage to shadow such a widespread faith . I cannot possibly fathom , that even though they are in huge numbers all over the world , those idiots still feel threatened , and end in up in making significant contributions towards the general "well being" of people like them and people not like them , all around .

Death to Pakistan .

I desire the death of Pakistan , the idea , the ideology , the Frankenstein it is , not the death of all its citizens . I desire the the end to the failed experiment , and seek the destruction of all its evil creations . I desire the death of Pakistan for the sake of our freedom , and the freedom of its own people , from the pathetic state it is in .

Death to Pakistan .

Death to Fundamentalism .

Only a misguided fool will hope for living under the shadow of "one" great faith , nestled by "one" great culture , and speaking "one" great language , rather than bask in the warmth emanating from a number of great faiths , cultures , languages and nations.

For the faith is great only when the faithful are great as well . And I truly believe that there are great people all over the world .

Death to fundamentalism .

Death to any damn thing , that forces the human spirit to be molded by a set of rigid , inflexible , illogical rules , rather than allowing the liberty , to breathe and realize life , in diversity .

Death to all Fundamentalism .

Monday, November 16, 2009

Son of the Soil

Howdy everyone ! Its been long . Nearly one and a half months since I lasted bored you all with my rants :) . I hope some of you still remember me though .

I bet you all must have seen the Abu Asim Azmi Vs Raj Thackeray , aka Sainiks Vs Samkavadis BS being aired all over . Leave alone the debates , where Ivy League educated politicians talk as if they were schooled and force fed all the words a night before . All theory , all technical terms , full of "We shoulds and we should nots" kind of crap , cliched and over cliched . The issue itself is so damn idiotic . Who asked you to force one language on another ? And more importantly , who the hell asked you puff your chest and proclaim your solidarity with the "national language" . I wonder how familiar is that person , truly , with Hindi . And boy oh boy , do check his wikipedia bio . If the parties involved were so sorely seeking participation in contact sports , they could have easily done it in a better and more dignified manner . But NO . This is INDIA ! A gyrating democracy . Not vibrating , but gyrating , to different tunes . So this had to happen .

But this issue is just an off shot of the real issue , the Son of the Soil theory . I wonder why the name stuck , the only soil I know is the Indian one , the idea of Tamil , Gujerati , Manipuri or Kashmiri soil sounds unreal and nonsensical to me . Anyways, we all have heard about it , since it all started in 08 . What happened then bothered me a lot , and it still does . But what bothers me even more , is the undivided attention , the Hindi and English language media showered on MNS and Mr. Thackeray alone . Sure , he is wrong on many fronts . Undeniable . But how many of the news channels and journalists ever turned the limelight on the politicians and the pace of the development of the states from where all the "undesirables of Mumbai" come from ? Why aren't they portrayed as darkly as Raj Thackeray , who is nothing but one side of the coin ? Why ? Is it deliberate , a part of some sort of a super conspiracy theory , to bring him out in the open , and as no publicity is bad publicity , fuel his growth ? Or is it that English and Hindi media took it personally , and decided to just focus on the side of the story they don't like ? I want to know why . Honestly . For will I not accept this argument forever , that any Indian can settle anywhere he wants , no matter what . Some things matter . Like the fact , that two of the most populous states cannot be underdeveloped for long without having its repurcussions . The fact , that a country as huge as ours cannot do with a handful of good cities . And migration must have its optimum levels ,everything in and around us operates on that logic. And who do we blame ? The people of those states ? The people of the states that has the migrant population ? The respective leaders ? The Central Government ? Who , the fuck , is responsible , and answerable ? And more importantly , even if only theoretically speaking , how do you redesign the system , to ensure uniformity , and to restore balance and order ?

But I guess Raj Thackeray alone is enough to push the TRP up . Why bother , huh . Some of us will be happy watching the English/Hindi reporting on him . Some of us , will get a reason to pent up some anger , and might vote for him the next time . Many of us , would process it as reality tv/modern age entertainment , and live with it , till it directly crosses our path .

Please , share with me , if you have any answers .