Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Thought #1 : Freedom

What is Freedom? Is it the condition of being free? Is it the power to act, speak or think without external constraints? Or is it immunity from an obligation or duty? Is it a state of mind? Or is it just an illusion, something which seems to exist? Or is it relativistic in nature, you are only free if the man next to you is bogged down by more than his share of trouble! If somebody shackles me up, I won’t be free to move, but would I really be enslaved by mere shackles? Or even if I were free to do anything I wish for, would I really be free? We are enslaved by our senses; the very purpose of our very existence is their appeasement. How can we be free then? A better education, a degree, job, money, material comforts, good health, the list is endless. Even the most content man on this planet would be free in a limited sense. He is free because he doesn’t burn with the desire to acquire more. But even he has to bow down to cycle of birth and death. Even death won’t free you. I guess, salvation, freedom from the cycle of birth and death is the Ultimate Thing. Sometimes I wonder, what’s the purpose of life? Why do we exist? Where is all this leading to? Everything in this universe is a part of some great cycle, but why oh why? Is it because He had nothing else to do, so he created all this to keep himself busy? Its really mind boggling!