Friday, February 27, 2009

The Machinations of the MSM

Something bad happened in Barak Valley, Assam in January. Some miscreants belonging to a particular faith barged in to a place of worship of a different faith, and desecrated it. The inspiration for this atrocity being religious conversion .Now what does come to your mind? Did you jump to the conclusion that it was BD or its kind who were the desecrating miscreants? Ha, you are SO wrong. And the reason is very obvious. If it had been these Hindu terrorists, you would have heard about it, without fail. The Main-Stream-Media would never ever let go of such a juicy episode like this, they would have milked it till it was dry, and then milked some more. You would have seen the symbol of Om against the backdrop of something visually disturbing, with a two-bit sinister score as well. But do you remember anything like that? I, for sure don’t. Once again, as in the case of the KVS logo change episode, may be, I missed it again. But then, my twisted mind tells me that this is could not have escaped the radars of the MSM had it been the Hail-Hindutva boys. So what really happened? Well, some missionaries burnt the idol of Goddess Kali and damaged the temple as well. Shocking incident. Very disturbing. And yet, it was nowhere in the news. I googled it and I could not come up with any article by any major news vendor. And I concluded this:-

1.Was this given a miss-in-the-baulk, on account of it taking place in Assam, a state of the North-East, land of the “Chinkies”, about which , we don’t give a rat’s ass, it seems ?

2.Was this not reported by the MSM because the aggressors were Christians and not the vile and virulent Hindus?

The fact that the only source of available information is either a blog/site associated with Hinduism/Hindutva/Right-wing or one of rather unknown origins, does question the credibility of the information. But about all the sources I have seen so far, report the same thing. May be they tried a little of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. But assuming everything crazy that I have suggested so far is true, why the hell was this NOT reported? In the spirit of fairness and truthfulness, every attack on every religion should get the same attention by the media. I am not gnashing my teeth in anger, as I still have my doubts. And there is only reason I could come up in the favour of it not being reported. They would have sparked off riots for sure. If the murder of a man could, then the apparent murder of a Goddess would have caused all hell to break loose. Which creates a moral/ethical dilemma. Is it right to filter out events like these in the larger interests of the nation? Or will covering them up ultimately result in more mayhem eventually? And, can this entire episode be labeled as a machination of the main stream media? The more I look for answers, the more questions arise.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Belated WTF

This happened the last year. And I found about it now . Apparently , caste based reservation was just not enough for dear old Arjun Singh jee, he had to do this as well . Although it is a trivial matter , to me it appears to be a reflection of the bickering political mindset . This is the old logo of the Kendriya Vidyalay Sansthan .

And this is the spanking new one , courtsey , the Union Minister for HRD .

Where did the Lotus and the Rising Sun go ? A sane mind wouldn't bother much , but then , I am not sane . :) Why was the logo changed ? Did the old one not reflect the spirit of KVS ?

"But when a board headed by Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Arjun Singh decides to omit the ‘lotus’ symbol — also the BJP party symbol — from the emblem to enable a “broader reflection of the national ethos”, it’s hard not to see any politics in the act. This new emblem, say officials, was chosen from amongst several proposed by the art teachers of various KVs and after a close selection in which HRD minister Arjun Singh is said to have taken keen interest"

We can't even call it De-saffronisation . The fact that KV's logo had a lotus and a rising sun had nothing to with the BJP , KVS was founded in 1965 , and there was no BJP then .

'We have retained the Sanskrit motto taken from the Upanishads and that is very much reflective of the Indian culture. The new logo was decided upon after several deliberations and keeping in mind the present spirit of education and the scientific temper and globalization of education besides the changed National Curriculum Framework (NCF) that has broadened horizons and also focused on computer education 'said Dr. U.N. Singh, Joint Commissioner (Academics) - KVs "

By what rationale is the lotus and the rising sun not a part of Indian culture , if a Sanskrit shloka from the Upanishadas is ? I think even that motto could have been stricken off , citing that it does not reflect the secular nature of our country . So what comes next ? Changing its slogan from "Vidya sarvate shobhte" to something stupid in Italian or Latin to please the Mistress ? Banning the symbolic use of lotus altogether , as it is used by their political rivals as a party symbol ?

This is a very small and seemingly insignificant matter , that most of us won't even give it a second thought . But I couldn't help uttering a WTF, albeit a belated one . And given that in a country like ours, where almost everything sparks off a controversy , why did this not ? Why ? I am genuinely very surprised . This is just the kind of excuse any hard-working right-winger would need to create a furore . Was I in a comatose state that I missed the media mention , if any ? And am I making a mountain out of a molehill ? On a side note , what if it had been the other way round , the BJP removing some symbol associated(directly or indirectly) with the Congress ; what do you think would have happened then ?

"Dr U N Singh says that the organisation would rather steer clear of political controversies and pointed out that the BoG had as members not only eminent educationists, officials from various state Governments, directors of both CBSE and NCERT, but also members of the Opposition parties and the logo change was a 'collective decision' arrived at considering the dynamic nature of education."

What if the Minister Sahib had decided to put his foot down ,issued a "farman" that the symbol had to go , and asked his sub-ordinates to cook up a credible enough reason for it . In all fairness , it is quite possible that this was not politically inspired . In all fairness , it is quite possible that I have lost it . But my twisted mind cannot get over the fact that Politics had something to do with it . The way the Congress,the BJP, the Communists etc. are always at each others' throats, no wonder why I cannot digest this easily . It sometimes appears as if they are waging wars against each other , and not against the abstract and the physical enemies of this nation . And elections are around the corner, so it is political World War time . The saddest part is that is that in this war, the face of the enemies within are not clear . A very sad WTF . :(

Image Source - 1 and 2
News Source - Indian Express and Yahoo

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jilted Lovers

This is a fun post, or rather, supposed to be one. The credit for the contents goes to all the frustrated/desperate/bored super cerebral boys/men who hit on girls with their incredible one/two/three liners, ONLINE. This is dedicated to all the ladies who have received scraps, friend requests, sms’s, emails etc. etc. of the following nature; you have my sympathy . I am afraid I cannot offer any empathy . :) And thanks to the lady who provided me with these gems .

hi...incedent came across 2 ur profile....i like the way u desc. ur self...and nice pics 2...

Was this guy going for indecent? And desc? Desecrate yourself?

....well i stay near Nestle Apt....Opposite cutie how u doin.....wat do u do....will love to know more ab u..........

I think his mind is full of empty space.

Hey seems to b an imprsve profile while relating to the choice of communities...

As they say , a woman on a social networking website, is known by the communities she keeps .

hi ru ......
ur beautiful.......
how can i leave net. u r online yaar...he he

Well, he definitely took leave of his senses.

why !!! are the other passive faces in your inbox sleeping..... well at least you decided to scrap back... let see how far this goes

I will be damned. This one has a decent command over the English language. But still corny.

hii i am mohsin how are you.hiiiii atually theres nohing to say but would love to b ur frnd......

He should have reminded himself that he had nothing to say when he was typing that.

Hey listen....i just want to check u would like make new PALS??

Two people were asking me about u,
I gave them Ur address and cell no.
They will b visiting u soon.
Their names r Joy n Happiness.
Good Morning................
Have a day

Super duper corny and cheesy .

hello ..m into exports..mumbai..wanna be friendz??

Did he accidentally export his wits/common sense/intelligence to Timbuctoo?

hi there.
mary chritmas.

Poor Mother Mary! :(

Hi friends r u?really ur pic is very beautifull.......I am shock to see u

Hell yeah. And I was shocked when I read this.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii h r u ' be friend ( guy with Dhoni profile pic)

Awesome! A very considerate gentleman. He wants to make sure that the girl doesn’t get lost on her way to his profile. And he chose such a rare picture as well.


He started off in style. And then got carried away screwed it up. And why blame it on the poor browser when it was your own bheja ?

hello my dear how r u u took that photo from your window

And I bet his brain grew a pair of wings, and flew out of that a window. Must have been a very bored brain too.

Hi Miss
Wat r u doin in Manipal.
Its a gr8 place to chill out at Udupis beach.
Gr8 university u r studying in which.
Miss can v frnds
Trust me slowly and ur trust will never end

Manipal ROCKS, of course . How does one Trust slowly? And if she did that, I bet her self respect would have ended it self .

really its a pleasure to hv a friend like u who looks so simple and sober by her face and just hv concerntrations towards goal nt hving time for extra bakwas activities
happy holi belated to you bye
just keep me in ur mind that is only u give me

Apparently, he has a lot of time for bakwaas activities. And what the hell does “just keep me in ur mind that is only u give me” mean ?

hi manipal...................wanna be friends

But Manipal doesn’t want to be friends with dumbasses like you.

oohhhh!!! a gal visiting my pro ...its rare !!! ..I saw ur pro ur frm MIT ..WOW!!! me too have studied in MIT Electrical !!! right now in bangalore honeywell !!! wat abt u ?????

No wonder a girl visiting his profile is rare.

hey....ssup ....saw ur profile...u luk lyk sum1 who wud b fun 2 kno....n dat makes ME give U a chance 2 get 2 kno ME when v seek 2 discover da best in others...v somehow brin out da best in ourselves....lets see if ur fr REAL!

Philosopher cum philanderer. And a fool, of course. But he does have one talent. One look and he will tell you whether you are fun or not.

If i say hi.......u may say whoz this.... if i ask for chat....u may say why??.... if i ask u for a coffee.....u may say wt rubbish.... if i say i liked ur profile......u may say m flattering u..... if i ask for frnship.......u may say m flirting...... so can u plz suggest me hw to start wid a new relation.........???? till u reply i am trying wid a request.........".....m here looking for friends .....wat do u say?

I say that you are a demented dim-witted dumbass. The best way to start a new relation is to ensure that both the parties are of a sound mind. But he clearly needs a trip to the loony bin.

hi, it is nice to be friend of unknown!!!
i don't meet you unless you deserve .

Friend of unknown, eh? I think he is interested in befriending a supernatural being, a ghost of some sorts. And he won't meet unless "she deserves" . Bole to , attitude , huh ?

If I were stranded on a desert island, I wouldn't need three things - I'd just take you
I would probably commit suicide.

I am hungry for real gf, you like??

I think his imaginary girl friend dumped him. And no guesses why. That is why the poor soul is haunting the net, looking for a flesh-and-blood one.

Seriously, how can any guy even think of wooing a girl, or impressing her enough to grant his friend request on any social networking website, with the aid of these super crappy, most corny messages . Was there any blood in their brain when they came up with these masterpieces? And most of these losers also managed to murder/molest/maim the English language as well. It is the curse of the digital age, I guess. But, I did have a good laugh out of them.

p.s. To all the ladies who read this , please feel free to add something from your own experience , if you have had any . :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thought #6 : In all fairness

Who came up with the concept of fairness and equality? Who thought of an egalitarian society? From what I know of, this fundamentally flawed world has never been fair or equal, and I don’t think it ever will be. Quite often we use the phrase “double standards” ,contemptuously, but, when in fact , that is what the normal standard are like . It seems as if the tendency to not use the same yardstick (within the right context) for everyone/everything is in every human being. We all are partial; some exhibit that trait consciously, some subconsciously; everyone has his/her own axe to grind. Time to revise the definition, I guess. We have on side, a set of people fighting for fairness, justice and equality , and then those, who are unwilling to level the field. It is like a never ending tug of war .There are times when words like objectivity, impartiality, etc. seem like nothing more than foolish Utopian ideas. Once again, the dichotomy. It is like a pattern. Always there, in almost everything. Why?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prem Mahotsav

This is a tag. By Ajit. Write a story on the 6th picture of your 6th folder. Well, I didn’t have 6 folders in my Pictures folder, but this is the 6th picture. I use it as a wall-paper.

And these are my thoughts, and not a story. Under normal circumstance, looking at this picture inspires me to think about Hindu Philosophy, the Big Bang and what-not. These days, it made me think about the people who claim to protect and preserve my religion and culture. The saviours of Sanatana Dharma, if I may. So what defines a culture, in particular Hindu culture? What makes it mine, and not yours? And do we have to delineate? If yes then how do we do that? Would not that process of delineation vary from person to person, as per her/his weltanschauung? Is acting on one's common sense and using one's intelligence a part of it or not? From the eyes of an Indian and a Hindu, culture for me is a living-breathing organism, which is ever evolving. It is a product of the environment it exists in, and it contributes to it as well. And Hinduism, I believe, is designed to survive the worst. It’s all encompassing nature shall ensure that. That is why we still have Hindus living in India and in large numbers too. That is why it is the Santana Dharma. And you cannot dictate terms of evolution to an organism. The process of evolution has no rules except one. To survive the test of time. And it will have to purge itself every now and then, to ensure its existence. But the moment we put a cap on it, we will stunt its growth. I say this as objectively as possible- Valentine’s Day is not a part of Hindu culture. But Love is. A very significant and immutable part of it. One word, Krishna, says it all. And that is why, in an indirect manner, it does become a part of it. V - Day is supposed celebration of love after all . This day never meant a lot to me, as it is more a marketing orgy for the card-chocolate-roses selling kind of corporations, a hallmark holiday. Most of the damned cards are dripping with red and pink and laced with extremely sugar coated quotations, that makes me want to throw up. All the hype and hoopla on V-day is nothing but one giant load of sappy crap to me, if you want to celebrate love, and then why not do it all year round as compared to one particular day? But thanks to Shree Ram Sena, it does mean more to me now. As IHM says, this year, it is more about liberty and freedom, than love. If India is a free country , then the choice to celebrate it is mine and mine alone .

On a side note, I hope all this Moral Police VS V-Day battle is not a part of some secret marketing strategy with the aim of pushing the sales of V-Day related products. Just a stupid thought, no offence to the women who got hurt intended. And in the same-crazy-line-of-thought, I hope Muthalik and his gang were not miffed by Hallmark or Archies, that they decided to, take it out on V-day.

As far as drinking is concerned, I will be damned if somebody says that it is not a part of Indian culture. Going to pubs to drink may be not. But somras and madeera-pan are. And most importantly, isn't drinking a vice and vice alone? Why make a crime out of it? If these guys are so anti-alcohol, then why don't they call for a making India one huge dry country? And why take it out on women alone? Why not men? It is the same liver, isn't it? And why drinking? Why the hell not smoking, which is far more dangerous and deadly than consumption of alcohol? What about prostitution? We know it is illegal in India, and we all know about red-light areas that exist in every bloody city. What about the upliftment of those poor souls, many of whom I believe were forced by circumstances in to the flesh trade. Which just strengthens my belief that what a pathetic charade all this is, to preserve Indian/Hindu culture. By their demented logic, a Hindu celebrating a non-Hindu festival would be against the ethos they are hollering about as well. And they would never dare campaign against banning alcohol or tobacco for sure. The powers that be would not allow them, because alcohol and tobacco together are one the largest sources of revenue. No matter what, “baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupiya” does hold true.

Back to the favourite festival of India now. How this is for an idea, fuse the concept of Valentine’s Day and Krishna, and Indianise it? Make it more spiritual and less commercial. We can call it "Prem Mahotsav" and make Lord Krishna the patron God of it, and lo-and-behold, it is a part of our Sanskriti. And this could be a celebration of love across genders or relationships, sans stupid cards or overpriced chocolates. Pure, pious and pristine Love. What say, the-hoodlums-who-think-they-are-the-Moral Police? And I must add that I do not say this in jest . To all the children of my beloved Bharat Maata , Prem Mahotsav ki hardik shubhkamnayein . :)

A couple of interesting reads

1. Kanchan Gupta
2. The Rational Fool

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tagged !

Tagged once more. By Miss Indyeah , first name Awesome . :) My apologies Madam , for I haven’t used a lot of personal pictures . So without much more ado , I hereby end my blogging moratorium .

1.The age I will be on my next birthday

Why oh Why ? Why ! Why the Hell ! Why am I not Benjamin Button . While most people celebrate their birthdays , for me it is a sad reminder of the fact that I am getting older . If only I could be 22 for the rest of my life . *SIGH* And the fateful day is March 22nd .

2.A place you would like to travel

That’s a tough one. I would like to travel the Entire world, and go on a space tour as well. To name one, I would like to see the Himalayas. The place doesn’t matter.

3.My favourite food and drink

Hmmm. I am a foodie. I like all kinds of food. I am always ready to take my taste buds on an adventurous trip. But to name one, off the top of my head, Rice and chicken curry . Favourite drink, for now , would a beer called Guinness . It is Irish . And I am sorry if it is against Indian culture, and the moral police de damned, but I like to down one , every now and then . As Harivansh Rai Bachchan jee said , “Hindu aur musalman do , ek magar unka pyaala, bair karati mandir masjid, mel karati madhushala” . Cheers . :)

4.Favourite pet

Dogs . Any given day. Anytime . Loyal, faithful, playful . What else do you need ? And horses would be a second .

And that is Kaara . She is with my family back home . And I miss her . :(

5.Favourite place

Manipal. For ever. I wish I could get that tattooed on my body . I studied there and it was the best time of my life. And I shall love it till the day I die .

That is End point . It was one of my favourite places .

6.Favourite color combination

7.Favourite piece of clothing

Birthday suit. I wish I could wear that every day , every time . Preferably with a leaf or two covering you-know-what . ;) And no picture for this one . But when I am my normal self, trying not to be a misfit of an outcast , I prefer a t-shirt and shorts . And barefoot .

8. Favourite songs .

It is this one .
Click Madi
:D And please do tell me what your reaction was .

Jokes apart , I don’t have on absolute all time favourite . So pardon me for the excesses , I will name a few .

Mad World – Gary Jules
Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
The Unforgiven – Metallica
Coming back to life – Pink Floyd
Dance of Death – Iron Maiden
Braveheart Theme Song – Enya
Play with fire – The Rolling Stones
Riders on the Storm – The Doors
Maa Tujhe Salaam - A R Rehman

I have named quite a few, so I will stop now .

9. Favourite TV Show(s)

10. Full Name of my significant other .

Hmmm . Her first name would be - Crazy-enough-to-fall-for-me . Her middle name would be - Patient-enough-to-bear-me And the last name - Brave-enough-to-take-the-plunge . Time alone shall tell who turns out to be my better half . I hope she turns out to be better , and not bitter .

11. City I live in - Bengaluru/Bangalore . Garden city . IT . Pubs ( :P to the Moral Police ) .

12. Screen name / nick name - Kislay . Always been Kislay . Except while playing Counter Strike , I am always me .

13. First job - Software Engineer . Always wanted to code since I was a kid .

14 . Dream Job - President of the Indian Moral Police Force . :D I shall ban everything directly or indirectly related to the WEST . There shall no more be a direction called West . Manage with three for the love of our Indian culture . The westerlies shall not blow as well . They hamper the digestion of Indian food , lead to constipation, and there fore are detrimental to our bhartiya sanskriti . I would even ban the letters W-E-S-T . Take that !

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life " . That would be my dream job .

15. Bad habits I have .

Day-dreaming . Sleeping . Lazing around . To name a few . I have many . :) I am a bad boy .

16. My Worst fear

I fear that I will turn against my own principles some day .

17. The one thing I would like to do before I die .

A re-union road-trip to Om beach , Gokarna with my close friends .

18. The first thing I would buy with $ 1 Million

My freedom . From the vicious cycle of materialistic pursuits . I will ensure that I never have to worry about food,clothing or shelter ever again . So that I will be free to pursue any interest of mine .

19. My Favorite credo(s)

Sab moh-maya hai . :)
Eat , drink and be merry . :D
Live and LET live . :-|

20. Time to be creative . I will add one of my own . If you were to get a tattoo , what would it be , and where would it be ?

I would get 4 . A barcode on the back of my neck , for fun . An Om on right arm . A Pi on my left . The symbol of my faith on my left arm , and the symbol of my Science on my right . And one swastika , NOT the Nazi one , on my chest . Smeared in saffron,white and green . Yes Mesdames and Messiurs, I shall wear my love on my chest .

Time to pass the baton . I don't think someone ever took it from me , except once . So , instead of naming people , I will just tag my entire blogroll . If your name is on it , you are tagged . If you are game enough , do the work . :)