Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why ?

Why ? Why the fuck do these questions , which have so many different answers come to my mind ? What the hell should I strive for ? Peace of mind ? A fatter wallet ? Should I do what my parent's want me to do ? Or should I do what I want to do ? Live peacefully in a picturesque village ? Struggle in a bustling city ? Drink hard water , eat semi poisoned food and breath toxic fumes ? Savour the city life at the cost of my dwindling health ? Or pass my life in perpetual tranquility in some remote corner of the world , while enjoying the pristine Nature ? Should I marry ? Should I not , for the fear of incompatibility ? Should it be out of obeisance or my own will ? Should I try to change this fucked up world ? Or should I just try my damndest to get the best deal out of it ? Should I pray for a female offspring , cause the way women are treated sends shivers down my spine (that bastard DGP, for one) ? Or should I devote to the "worthy cause" of obtaining a son , when the time comes ? Should I measure my success in rupees or in terms of people who care for me ? What will make me happy ? Do I want to be happy , the way this world defines it , or for that matter , even sane ?

It seems as if the only thing I can do , is handle what is on my plate right now , to the best of my abilities . Will everything else fall in place ?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Where is Indyeah ?

Where is she ? She has been AWOL for long . And I say this without a doubt , each and every one of us , members of our blog samaaj , must be missing her presence .

Where is this fellow gang member of mine ?

Where is that bubbly,cheerful,strong and sensible poetess ?

Where is that artist who paints pictures of different hues and shades with words ?

Where is Indyeah ?

If any one of you knows about her whereabouts , please share with us .