Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why do we cry?

Why does a new born cry?
It’s the cry of life, filled with air,
Loud and clear, sans fear,
The beginning of a new journey!
A journey towards his childhood!
But then, why does a child cry?
Pangs of hunger, away from mother,
Scary monsters, spooky ghosts,
Or lost in a crowd of unknown hosts,
A pet died, a broken toy,
Or Just for the sheer joy!
Then he moves on to be a teen,
Thirteen, Fourteen …Eighteen, Nineteen,
So why does a teen cry?
Crazy Hormones driving him mad,
Could not hang on to a new fad,
Misunderstandings and misgivings,
Infatuations, oh that confusion, never ending!
Or enough of immaturity he had!
Then you to step into adulthood!
Young Blood! On Top of the World!
College’s Cool! End of School!
And why do you cry then?
Failed a test? What a pest!
Made a wrong career decision,
Hurting more than any incision!
Got dumped, your heart broke?
Or couldn’t get your heart throb?
Sick and tired of your job,
Couldn’t get married, or just got,
Or because this world is just a plain rot!
You grow older everyday,
As the life’s clock eternally ticks away!
With every day, you get another reason
More pain, more tears and more treason,
Facing love, hate, birth and death,
Fighting against all with all your breath,
And life goes on, on and on,
And then you reach the final stage,
Where you suffer from old age!
Gray hair and weaker limbs,
Addled brain, your vision dims,
Decay working with all its might!
For some it’s the kidney, lungs or liver,
Or at times it’s the old faithful ticker!
And if its not health or wealth that’s gone,
Then for those departed, you write a song,
Of those hearts that do not beat,
Or vanished forever in hasty retreat!
Metaphorical or literal, you got kicked!
Ignored and neglected, deprived and deceived,
You wished to God you were dead,
And then you cry, once again,
More tears you shed, yet nothing you gain!
All your life you have been crying,
Longing or needing, cursing and sighing!
For once, give it a rest!
Why don’t you look down the memory lane?
And Thank Him for the gift of life,
Its only when you’re dying,
You realize that you were lying,
Yes, there were times when you had to cry,
But weren’t there, too, moments of love and joy?
Through all the twists, turns, curves and bends,
You lived to see your rightful end,
You passed the Almighty’s test!
And its time now to leave this world,
And sojourn amidst the stars above,
Do it with a smile and a brave heart,
The immortal soul, your departs,
While the withering body rots and rusts,
From ashes to ashes, dust to dust!!

Kislay Chandra


Deoraj said...

The insight on life given in this poem by Kislay is in its own way a complete journey of one's life. The elaborative way in which he has tried to convey the simple message to live your life Happily today and not be weary of the small problems that life may pose infront of you was very appreciative.

Raghav said...

lenghty but lotsa good thoughts there.

Anonymous said...

Man ! You are too good , this poem was one of the best I have ever read . Keep up the good work .

Guess?? said...

I loved the poem, because not only did you convey the message of living life happily, but also, it was the journey of life, told through tears. A very nice poem...

Kislay said...

Thank you . Would you care to disclose your identity ?