Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When are you in love?

When your heart aches for her day and night,
When anything without her just doesn’t seem so right,
When your heart skips a beat at her sight,
When your soul craves her with all its might,
When you want to hold her hand all day long,
When you look in her eyes to read the unsung song,
When you want to feel her breath on your lips,
When her absence makes your heart flip,
When you want to touch her, caress her and smell her self,
When you want to feel the wind blowing her hair at your face,
When nothing pleases you other than her embrace,
When you want to cry when she is not near,
When her voice to you is sweeter than sugar,
When the touch of her skin sets you on fire,
When you want her even when there’s no desire,
When you don’t have words to speak out your heart,
When you want her sleeping besides you every night,
When you still love her after you had a fight,
When you want to make love to her alone,
And accept the changes in her without any groan,
When she is the air you breathe, the world you see,
When she is your sun, moon and your galaxy,
When she is with you, you feel like a king,
With her by your side, you fear nothing,
When she makes a journey uphill a joyride,
When you got hurt and she cried
When you feel that she is the One,
With whom you’ll go till the end of thine,
Leaving your imprints on the sands of time,
When she is all in this world you need,
When the thought of losing her is the most you dread,
When you’ll sacrifice anything for her,
Then, I believe, you are in Love!

Composed by Kislay and improved by Siddhartha

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Emmie said...

This is beautifully composed. Kudos to the both of you.Lovely. Do stop by my Love blog and lemme know how you like it!!