Monday, March 26, 2007

About Me

A word of advice: The following is to be read if you can really spare the time and are not averse to reading! 784 words of whatever-you-feel-like-labeling it (For e.g. Pure BS, sheer genius etc. etc.) .Feel free to comment, if I don’t like it, I will delete it!

Dear Reader,
My XXXL size “about me” will definitely bring out some exclamation or the other from you, though in different tones and degrees. Most of you will think I have written a bit too much, and you might think of me as a narcissistic, egoistic (even egotistic!) and an eccentric individual, but, this section, it’s about “me”, and so, I will write about myself as much as I bloody please! It’s really difficult to write, describe or define you in a few words, and I am definitely not one of those gifted people. My humble apologies for committing the sin of prolixity. If I was forced to use as few a words as possible, I would say I am human and humane, but at the same time I do not think words are ever going to be enough. Each one of us is infinite and at the same time infinitesimally small. It’s the paradox of being a human. Well then, about me! I am funny, and I try to be funny at times, with disastrous consequences (Don’t even get a whimper of laughter I was trying to get from my audience).I love laughing and I laugh quite often and quite loud. I am easy going and easy to please, the number of movies I did not like and the number of times I actually felt that the food I ate sucked would support this theory. I hate hurting anyone, and am deeply disturbed when I do so. I am friendly to most of the people most of the times, and it’s only when my self-respect or sense of justice is hurt that I resent someone for sometime (you do need some time to cool off). But I bitterly hate the very sight and question the very existence of those I do not like, and there a few such people in my “shit” list and I would definitely say “GO GO GO” to God if he offered to wipe these scumbags just to please me. I could be the first one to extend an olive branch, and bury the hatchet, and I can forgive but I can never forget. I have a firm and unshakeable faith in God , and have never doubted His existence. I love my country, I dream about its glorious and magnificent past, I fantasize about its ascent to glory in the future, but I cannot call myself a true patriot till I have actually done something for her, directly or indirectly. I love my religion and I have a deep reverence for its philosophy. .I love my language and admire its richness and strength. I love my state but I am saddened by the fact that most of the people from my state do not have sense of sub-nationalism. My favorite word in the English language is “imagine” and I have a really wild and crazy imagination. I am toooooo ambitious for the amount of drive I have. I love even numbers and am amazed, intrigued and enamoured by Prime numbers. I love dogs, deeply despise cats and love animals that roam and prowl in the wild, the predatory type. I am fascinated, captivated by and intensely desire for “Sex and Violence”, the two basic and primary shades in the panorama of human emotions. Public Display of Emotions makes me really hot under the collar. I am honest and loyal though sometimes foolish . Hot-blooded and stubborn, I could unconsciously be rude. I delve quite often into philosophy and love to think about things which leave perturbed and in a chaotic state of mind.Shy,reserved,moody,splenetic,craving peace ,tranquility and absolutely zero human contact is one side of me , while the other one is a cheerful,care-free,comical,hyper,weird,joker who likes to be in the thick of the things, the cynosure of all eyes! And I think there is a streak of brutality and violence in me , which has surfaced a few times . I believe in the goodness of my fellow man .I also believe that violence is an integral part of nature, of survival , and it cannot be avoided . The human ability I admire and respect the most is Intelligence , and the Geek shall inherit the Earth ! So , have I really said something about myself ? Or is it just a drop of the ocean ? Each day you discover something new, about the world around you as well as yourself. And there’s so much left, untouched and unexplored .Every person is a book, the deeper he is, more the number of pages. I guess I will make it as a short-story or a novella! If you have reached this far, I must congratulate you for perseverance and thank-you for your patience. Good day to you!

P.S. My Orkut profile’s ‘about me’ is the edited version of this! Edited to make it fit there.


Bond ;) said...

Almost all new ideas have certain level of foooolishness wen dey r 1st produced....I can't say more dan dis!!

Bond ;) said...

A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him...!!

Pranoy said...

kindly note the timestamp of this comment.....
this is when i started reading your about me!

Pranoy said...

phew....finally finished!

nice about me man..... can't wait for that "about me" novel now! (no sarcasm intended)