Monday, March 26, 2007

Dumb Love

Dumb love

I saw her today, again
For the umpteenth time, it caused pain
Stinging, burning, blinding
And I felt a deep shame
A loathing, hate for my self
For I could never gather enough courage
To speak out her name
For countless days and sleepless nights
I have dreamt of her
But couldn’t even get near
We pass by each other
Sometimes, our eyes meet
So mesmerizing I find them
That time will freeze
And I daren’t smile
For will she smile back at me?
I am a mere stranger for her
With an unknown, yet familiar face
How shall I tell her the tale of my heart?
When I can’t even break the ice
She once sat besides me
Which sent me on cloud nine
Between stolen glances and fleeting glimpses
I conjured a reason to speak
But words failed to come out
And didn’t even meet those eyes
Fearing I’ll give myself away
I lost it to my weak
I hear her laughter, her voice
I see the glow in her face
I crave for her warmth, her scent
Surging towards her, I stop
And resignedly look away
Foolishly believing that it’s not meant to be
While the clock slowly ticks away

Kislay Chandra

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Zivana said...

You poor love sick creature!