Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How I landed in MIT !

Every body cries when they are born. That cry is what gives us our first gulp of air, and a new life begins. Sometimes when the new born is too lazy, some bozo slaps the child’s behind to remind him of its importance and all is well. My mother tells me that was not the case with me. I was very prompt in making my voice heard, and so loud was I, that even the deaf heard me. No body’s hand even hovered near my precious little butt. Little did I know what the future had in store for me? So, life went on till the day came, when I had to make a decision regarding my career. I must have been high, or have had brain fever or something when I chose engineering. I guess it could have been possible that aliens abducted me and did experiments on me (Have seen X-Files/Taken , Big Fan !). My room mate has a firm belief in the fact that it happened and the experiment was a horrible failure. That would explain a lot of things! Anyways, engineering it was! Hell, I even dropped a year for it. I actually didn’t study PCM(that’s physics, chemistry and mathematics ,for those infidels who have never lurked near the temple of science!) but a lot of other things, for instance, every novel I could lay my hand on. So much for my hard work. And as it was to be, I missed everything by miles and my engineering career was about to end before its beginning. My guardian angel must have been working overtime or something! But then the wheels of my fortune turned around. This still remains one of the unexplained mysteries of the world as to how the hell did I secure a rank, measly, though still enough to get me a place in MIT.Bad Karma, I guess! That event freaked out my entire family. So I left home with my lock, stock and barrel for “engineering” college. But let me tell you something, from the time I cleared UGET to the day I gave my first sessional I was on Cloud Nine. Not exactly what I seem to be suggesting. But then I am pretty sure it was not me. It was possibly drug induced, a mental disorder or one of the side effects of alien abduction. I was free from the clutches of my family(as they were always nagging me to “study”, the importance and benefits of this occupation I realize now!), I was in Manipal , and I was having a good time. To cut a long story short, I had so much fun that I ended up getting a year back. Yes sire, the loss of another year that would make it two.So, instead of earning a B.E. in 4 years like a regular person, I would eventually get mine in 6 years. A dual-degree! One in B.E. and the other, a masters in “How not to do anything and waste your time and your father’s money and still be happy-go-lucky “! If any of you non MITian non-engineers happen to read this, you cannot possibly imagine what a colossal procrastinator and how severely retarded you need to be to fucking fail in my college ! Well then , that’s that ! I guess I needed that mega-nudge ( It nudged me 365 days out of my orbit) . Anyways, I am trying to change my self, turn over a new leaf . By the way , if I haven’t mentioned this , my name , Kislay , it means a bud or a new leaf . Striking co-incidence ! Bitter irony ! Or what ?

P.S. I cannot possibly explain why I started writing this in the manner I did , and then ended up writing about something totally different ! Deranged ? Severe side-effect de-rustifying your once-grey cells ? Pressing the mental accelerator a bit too hard ?


Bond ;-) said...

It was informative.....i learnt 4 new words from this "Autobiography" !!!

Anonymous said...

The inevitable happens !

Remember the first time you took to writing?

You have done crazier things buddy. And your memory is sharp enough to recall each one of them.