Monday, December 22, 2008


"" - A web-site dedicated to ensure and safe guard the rights of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab. The plan is still in the pipelines. My inspiration for this proposed website is "”. My twisted mind says that if a man convicted for attacking the Indian Parliament and the death of mere 7 people is still alive , then why not him ? Let me explain. Afzal Guru is a Kahmiri, right (not a Kashmiri Pandit, who gives a damn about them anyways), and he has suffered a lot under the “Indian Occupation forces”. So that eventually led him to plan and execute that attack. So put your imagination to test , and try and fathom as to how much Kasab , and his compatriots must have suffered , being Pakistanis , which has been the” victim of terror” since its inception, that resulted in them getting involved in Mumbai,26/11 ? That is precisely why our fellow sickular, dhimmi and human-rights activist Arundhati Roy , wrote that 8 pages long article, which more or less justifies terrorist attacks on Indian soil. On a side-note, “we sympathize with those who lost their lives, strongly condemn the attack, and reiterate that Terrorism has no religion”(Sorry, but we had to bore you with all this BS to preserve our image). If this poor and downtrodden man is denied his rights and killed in a public like a rabid dog, it would be the gravest possible act of injustice. So I beg of you my fellow Indians , I implore that you not listen to the “right” side of your brain , but your left one . (Linear reasoning and language functions such as grammar and vocabulary often are lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain. Is that why right-wingers come off as a bunch of fools? ) . Well, I apologize for cracking that insane PJ. I must say that normal, patriotic, "right"-minded citizens of the democratic republic of India may disagree with me on this one, but my fellow sickular, dhimmi and "human"-rights activists will definitely agree with me. And whether you like it or not, there are quite a few of us around. And our voices are HEARD! So :P to all the others , and three cheers to Roy,Haskar and Setalvad. Here is list of my or should I say our(sickular,dhmmi and human-rights activists) demands.

1. To provide him with scrumptious non-vegetarian food , prepared by the best chef's of our 5 star and 7 star hotels . The fact that he nearly destroyed on the best hotels of India , should be overlooked , as it was just a minor part of the Great Conspiracy hatched by some evil men , whose nationality we are not sure of (We hope it turns out to be the Axis of Evil, India-Israel-USA) . To do otherwise i.e. force veggie food down his throat, would be a further violation of "human rights" of this "HUMAN" . It would be tantamount to persecution of a member of the minority group , as vegetarianism is somewhat of a Hindu thing . And if and when , terrorists hijack some plane or the other , and demand his release , how would an emaciated Kasab resume his duties of being the "Butcher" he is ? The hijackers might even scratch the deal on account of this. And handling an Ak-47 on a vegetarian diet , is no mean feat , nearly impossible . Ask any Pakistani, ooops , I mean anyone who has handled one .

2.A narco-analysis , brain-mapping and every other similar test should be conducted on him . God willing , he may say the truth we all are itching and dying to hear : "Fooled you suckers! I am a Hindu born hate-mongering Hindutva-hailing right-winger . The VHP brainwashed me . The RSS trained me . And I am the brain child of the BJP . Three cheers to Hindutva . Long live Hindu-Zionism". Now this is just a wild guess , but if it were possible to borrow that latest technology from the Japanese , and try and read Kasab's mind , I guess the 2 pictures that are bound to come up is :
1 . One saffron Om in his right-side of the brain
2. One star of the David in the left side
(I apologize again for this was a PJ as well)
Which would conclusively prove what our peace loving neighbour's (led by Zaid Hamid)have been saying all along , he is Hindu-Zionist(Remember the sacred thread on his wrist ?) . In that case, my fellow sickular, dhmmi and human-right-activists will drop vociferating for his cause instantly, and let him fend for himself.

On a side note, we are quite willing to overlook, give it a complete miss-in-the-baulk, if he is subjected to third/fourth/fifth, any degree of torture to make him say that the death of Mr. Karkare and the others was not a co-incidence, but a part of the elaborate and diabolical conspiracy hatched by the Axis of Evil .We would still drop his case, but it would make us and Mr.Antulay, ecstatic for sure.

3. To let him enjoy what he was going to enjoy if he had not been captured alive. The 72 virgins! We should first ascertain what his sexual preferences are, and then cater to it accordingly. Personally, I would be glad if it turned out that he swings the other way. India has a skewed-up sex ratio. We can do without having to share 72 of our best and beautiful with Kasab. But then again, as our good old PM said, the minorities have the first right to our resources (even the human resources), so maybe he deserves even more. Make it 144!

4. Legal Aid. Ajmal Kasab is NOT a Pakistani. We still are not sure of his nationality. There is NO concrete evidence in the favour of this argument. Hell, how can the President of a “peaceful, democratic, victim-of-terrorism” nation like Pakistan lie? If he says he is not a Pakistani, then he is NOT. He is NOT an enemy combatant, caught killing the civilians of India, red-handed. He is NOT an enemy alien. How can he be an alien? India and Pakistan were one nation 61 years ago, right ? He is more like our estranged brother, or cousin. He is just a poor, misled, brain-washed youth, who was also hypnotized and drugged by some evil men (hopefully, the masterminds of the Axis of Evil), to spray bullets till he died. He deserves nothing but the very best of Legal Brains of India. And those legal brains, who agree to help him, need not worry about one thing for sure. For the rest of their lives, no matter what they do, they will be hailed as the true defenders of secularism and human rights. As good as getting it tattooed on your forehead. So go for it lawyers.

5. Ban the VHP/BJP/RSS and every other organization related to them. Why are you surprised? I know it is not directly related to this issue, but what the hell, how we can let go of any opportunity for hollering that? And who knows, it is not out of the realms of possibility that they are directly or indirectly responsible for what happened. After all, they are the Devil's own on this planet and in some known and some unknown ways, responsible for every damn thing that is wrong with this country.

By the way, we won't mind at all if this demand is never met. I mean what will my sickular, dhimmi and human-rights activists brethren and I do, if these devils go out of business. Don't you think Superman will get bored if Lex Luthor stops being bad. We angels do need to keep ourselves busy and in the "right" frame of mind. I mean, isn't an empty mind a devil's workshop?

And if the domain name "" has not already been registered, please ,my fellow sickular, dhimmi and human-rights activists, get it done ASAP. Long live our kind , may our tribe increase, and death to Hindu-Zionism!

p.s. This is a satire, a seething one, if somebody failed to get it. My apologies if my lunatic ranting, my angry diatribe, hurt any Indian’s sentiments’. I guess I have been more disturbed by 26/11 then I thought . And this is the only way I can express my anger and indignation for what has been going on since that ill fated day. I still cannot understand as to how can someone equate Kasab and his kind to a human? Maybe the definition of “human” has changed. I guess the definition of an Indian has changed as well. Mr. Antulay and his kind could be classified as Indians then.


Bones said...

Good one!!! What about giving Kesab authentic Armani clothes to replace the cheap fakes he was wearing?
Arundhati Roy has a way with words and she should stick to fiction writing...Her articles are full of crap and frankly are too long...

Anonymous said...

Your anger is understandable, and so is the rant....but everyone has the right to legal representation and a free trial. And letting the Indian public in general decide on the innocence or otherwise of an accused will only set a precedent which will finally come back to bite us in the ass.

Unfortunately, people like Arundhati and the rest, by swinging to one extreme, foster and legitimise the other extreme. And vice-versa. We need to be rational, not excessively emotional.


Quirky Indian

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant "free and fair trial".

Vinod_Sharma said...

Kislay, I must compliment you for baring your pain and the stark reality that is crippling India in fighting terror. Human rights are for cold-blooded murderers only. Some of our opinion makers so obsessed with fighting and winning their "ideological wars" that they will embrace terrorists and Pakistan if it helps them to defeat the "right".

It is a sickening situation. Right-minded people have a duty to expose these elements who are willfully aiding and abetting the killing of thousands of innocent Indians.

Kislay said...

@The Quirky Indian
Sorry mate . Not everyone . There are exceptions to every rule and this has to be one . And if there has to be trial , then ask someone from Pakistan to defend him .

Kislay said...

Thank you . I did forget about the clothes . :)

@Vinod Sharma
Thank you . We still have Jaichands , a lot of them .

Ajit said...

good one dude.....
Mr Antulay should get fired got his stupid thoughts.....

Ajit said...

I meant "for his stupid thoughts"

Smitha said...

Kislay, Wonderful Post! I agree with everything you say except for the trial bit.. He needs to be tried - even if it is as a POW, as Vinod had mentioned. If we donot have a proper trial - it will just be further fodder for all those Arundhati Roys out there.. As for Arundhati Roy - I just don't understand why she gets all that publicity.. I do hope Antulay gets fired though..

Kislay said...

I am not really sure about how he should be tried . But it shouldn't be like an ordinary criminal . He is NOT a citizen of India , and should be treated like one .

Dr Roshan R said...

A great satire... tells it just the way it feels in all our minds

Kislay said...

Thanks Doc .

manju said...

Kislay, insightful post! You have certainly described the mentality of our pseudo-secularists very accurately.

Krishna Aradhi said...

Awesome satire, dude! Even the dhimmis will have to agree with you. And that's saying a lot, isn't it? :D

J P Joshi said...

Your satirical post is very straight speak.

However agree with Quirky Indian on the trial bit. We have the judiciary to decide that, not the citizens, or the executive. The reason for this is that we need to strengthen our constitution, not weaken it. In case of this extra-ordinary circumstance, it would be desirable to wait, amend the constitution, and then try him as per the amended constitution. He will be Hanged but the way we go about it is very important. This is what the rule of law is all about otherwise it will be jungle raj.

Kislay said...

@Manju and Krishna
Thank you . Just a bunch of crazy thoughts . :)
@JP Joshi
He should be tried . But not like ordinary criminals . The way the Nazi war criminals were tried, maybe .

Bones said...

Kislay: Everybody has a right to a free and fair trial...Even Hitler (if he had lived) deserved a fair trial...

Kislay said...

Rationally speaking, yes. But I was from rational when I wrote this . He should be tried like a war-criminal or as an enemy alien .

Pinku said...


your anger and pent up fury I hope has been spent after this post. Enough people have already said that everyone deserves a free and fair trail. I agree. and in the case of Kasab will want to add...that anything less than that will make him a hero in the eyes of other terrorists and youngsters who are right now being led down that path. He needs to rot in jail all his life so that they cant declare him a matyr.

One more thing your post seems to lean towards the VHP RSS sorts just because Kasab happens to be a muslim and from Pakistan. Dont make that error...each is as deadly as the other.

Kislay said...

I hope that as well . I do not lean towards VHP/RSS , but I do not consider themselves as deadly as the terrorists as well . They are NOT the root cause of all evil as they are projected as . They do get involved in some really shitty stuff , every now and then . In my world the Congress and the BJP suck equally .

Yaamyn said...

@ Kislay :

Good one, I might say. Your intention was satire and you succeed there.

And once again I disagree with a few comments on Arudhati Roy made here.

What Arundhati Roy stands for is an uncompromising humanist approach that doesn't distinguish between 'us' and 'them'. When she speaks for the Kashmiris or Iraqi's plight, she's echoing a very real human concern. And I support her stand whole-heartedly.

It's no wonder that the many people who love to disparage Arudhati Roy NEVER, EVER respond to her solid arguments - instead, they chose to attack her personally, and oh, complain about the 'length' of her essay.

Can one person on this thread take her essay and argue it point and by point on a human level without resorting to jingoistic sloganeering? I doubt it.

As for Ajmal Kasab - there's obviously the anger pent up from the Mumbai attacks still raging inside all of us.
But the difference between a reasoning human being and a raging bull is that.. well, humans have reasoning skills.

For all my contempt for Kasab, I will NOT want to take away his right to a fair trial. (Of course, we all expect a fair trial to pronounce him guilty - which no doubt, if it's fair, IS THE VERDICT he will get)

Mob justice belongs to a medieval mindset that is being rekindled by the Right Wing for some cheap populism (There, KIslay! I made the BJP connection again!)

What hope is there for centuries of evolution of civilization and establishment of a system of Justice if we're going to throw it all away and resort to good ole' butchery when we are provoked?

The hallmark of an egalitarian society is to provide equal norms and procedures of justice to EVERYONE. Even a Kasab.

Kislay said...

Read my new post . It is partly a response to you .

white_angel said...

sharply satirical, excellent at some points but could have been much more productive had you not chosen to write this in response to other post. :)