Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Angry Indian - II

This is partly a response to a comment by Yaamyn on my last post “”, and partly, my demented droning.

Thank you. I appreciate your candour. But I do not expect my views to be endorsed by anyone. Nor do I expect any empathy from anyone, about how I feel or how badly I am hurt. These are just words; they do not portray my true emotions. I think the friends I live with wonder whether I need psychiatric help or not. One may think that how come an individual who was not even in the proximity of Mumbai attacks or its after effects can feel so bad, but then, that is me, I take it personally. I did not lose anyone personally in this attack , or the countless other attacks in the past 20 years or so ; but I have shed tears , experienced anguish and most importantly , I have lost my fellow Indians , who I foolishly think of as my own .

Maybe, Suzanne Arundhati Roy is a good social activist. She could be the secular humanist that she claims to be. But her latest article is a like the invective of the mother-sister type to my motherland. She has more or less justified the attacks on the Indian soil. And that is my problem. And to be fair, if she is the secular humanist she claims to be, where was she when Kashmiri Pandits were being butchered and driven out of the valley? This is an honest question and I do not know the answer to it. India, at this hour, needs hard-core nationalists, brimming with patriotism, and no other mother-effing "ism" would suffice.

Ajmal Kasab is NOT an Indian. Therefore he should not be defended by one. I bet the law states otherwise, but in the light of what he has done to India, I stick to what I said. Ask the Pakistanis to do it. Or he can defend himself, if no one comes forward. But treat him like the war criminal / enemy combatant he is. That would be FAIR. No Indian should represent him. For me, the legal aid given to Kasab by Indian citizens would constitute an act of utmost disrespect to those who lost their lives. In all fairness, you can be fair only to a limit , a line has to be drawn somewhere .

"The hallmark of an egalitarian society is to provide equal norms and procedures of justice to EVERYONE. Even a Kasab." - It would NOT be egalitarian in the context of 200-400 people who lost their lives. There are exceptions to every rule, and this has to be treated as one .

The fact that some of my fellow Indians object to his not being represented by an Indian is reflection of the sad state of affairs in this country. Even when in dire straits, this nation, which has the hopes of being a superpower, cannot unite and its reaction appears frayed. I strongly feel that those who died are history with just a month gone since that terrible day, and there are many amongst the educated us who are too keen on projecting themselves as democratic and civilized, by making an issue of this. They want to be saints , while all I want is for us to be human , and with the many flaws a human has , say NO , in one loud UNITED voice , to all the goddamned BULL-SHIT that has been going on . I want them to stop being politically correct and learn to call a spade a spade. Quoting Gandhiji and talking about "Truth and Non-Violence" is not good enough. Though I have indirectly suggested that Kasab should be shot like a rabid dog, it is not what I want. That was just a heat-of-the-movement remark. I want him tried, but not defended by an Indian, and then hanged, as he deserves it. I pity the bloody fool, and I pity his accursed parents even more. To be brainwashed to such an extent that one would kill just about anyone, in cold blood. And I often wonder what his parents must be going through. But that does not make me blind to the cold, hard facts that stare you into the face. And I wish people would see that, instead of ranting incessantly about "secularism and democracy" and "truth and non-violence”. And I do not think I have to spell it out for anyone what I am talking about. If you don’t get it, I don’t give a damn. If you do get it and are offended by it, I still don’t give a damn. The others, please, do give a damn!

A thousand curses and eternal damnation to the Antulay’s,Achuthnandan’s and Patil's of India. They reaffirm my faith in the fact that politics has stooped to unimaginably low levels. Ditto to the Roy’s. Does social activism involve cursing your own country and showing it in a bad light to the World? World Citizen my ass! Indian first. One fifth of the entire humanity first. And the way our Government is acting, I feel more like eunuch with each passing day. I pray that I am proved wrong. But then again, the cynic in me says that we will be back to square one soon, peace talks, cricket matches and exchanging artists and culture, and the media will be the co-instigator of this charade. Pakistan will get away with it, and India would have been smelly-middle-fingered again. When a nation could not punish a country as weak and pathetic like Bangladesh for killing and mutilating the bodies of her soldiers, what hope is there? And the BJP was in power in that time. I wonder why “they” did not do anything.

I want peace , and equality , and justice for all , because that is what my "dharma" is all about , BUT , at what price ? The honour of my Mother India? Never! How can I dream about World Peace when my own home is far from peaceful ? We need a Chanakya and "sam,dam,dand,bhed" more than ever . And if you think I am a right-winder as my rants might suggest , let me just tell you , I don't give a fuck about any of the so called "wings" . I am an Indian, a proud, crazy, somewhat jingoistic Indian, and that is where it begins and ends. Long live my Motherland!


Indian Home Maker said...

Just some thoughts.
"The hallmark of an egalitarian society is to provide equal norms and procedures of justice to EVERYONE. Even a Kasab.There are exceptions to every rule, and this has to be treated as one."
Kislay if equal norms of justice are provided Kasab will be hanged. Justice for all means justice for the victims also. I don't think it is necessary to treat this as an exception.

Does social activism involve cursing your own country and showing it in a bad light to the World?
There is no point in trying to hide or show us in any light. In this age of WWW, everybody knows what's going on everywhere. The World is connected and it is good to let the world see we are Just and we are Strong. No nation is perfect. How many Nations in this world can criticize their Governments like we can? We have a lot to be proud of including the fact that we can disagree. We are a huge Democracy and we do have some problems, but overall we are quite fine. Why should we say only good things about our country? It's healthier to give one's own opinion, including some frank criticism. It is impossible for 1/5th of the world population to feel the same way. That is why we have a Constitution and a Justice system in place, to make sure, no matter how many agree or disagree, Justice is served. And when it isn't we must object.

I want peace , and equality , and justice for all , because that is what my "dharma" is all about , BUT , at what price ? The honour of my Mother India? Never!
I would say it is honorable for any Nation to make sure all it's citizens live in peace and harmony. The only price you pay for justice is letting go of your prejudices, hate and anger. Honouring Mother India lies in loving ALL her children.

How can I dream about World Peace when my own home is far from peaceful ?
It is unlikely that any country can dream of internal peace if their neighbours and the rest of the World is not. Very difficult. Unfortunately, we are all connected.

To be brainwashed to such an extent that one would kill just about anyone, in cold blood. Like most terrorists, he was already a criminal, an anti-social element before he was employed for this suicide mission. Most suicide bombers are like gang (mafia), members, they risk their lives, as much for a cause as the power, prestige(it's less shameful for them, than being caught stealing) and monetary benefits. Poverty and unemployment is much responsible for terrorism.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Kislay, I am really pleased to see the honest emotions that have flown through your pen, even if some suggestions that you have made are too radical. I would rather have an honest and patriotic Indian whose charged emotions can be cooled than a cold-blooded reptile who justifies what terrorists did in Mumbai. I understand that statements of people like Arundhati Roy will revolt most Indians and make them say things which they normally would not, as seems to have happened in your case too.

To me, more disturbing than what Roy has said is the fact that she has been given so much of free, positive and even supportive publicity - this from a media that could not speak up to prevent the deportation of Taslima Nasreen. Perhaps many of us are not aware that this media charade is almost incestuous.

Arundhati Roy is a niece of Prannoy Roy who is also related to Brinda Karat...get the picture? I am sure there are many other dirty wheels within wheels being passed of as great journalism. India faces graver danger from the paralysing, corrupting and dishonest influence of sections of the media than it does from terrorists who are clearly identifiable.

Kasab should be tried as a POW and not as an ordinary Indian criminal. But, remember, even war criminals are entitled to defend themselves. If that right is denied, a pandora's box of horrifying consequnces will get opened.

Kislay said...

There has to be a limit to criticizing your country . And there are has to be a right time as well . Ms. Roy could have employed her pen to furnish up something emollient for a hurt and angry nation , instead what she did was sprinkle salt on its wounds .

True , there cannot be internal peace without peaceful neighbours . But we have to start from or own home .

"Honouring Mother India lies in loving ALL her children." True to the last letter . But "all" her children should be treated equally as well .

@Vinod Sharma
I agree with you say . Incestuous indeed . But I do not wish to see any Indian defending that scum bag .

Smitha said...

Kislay, A very honest post.. While I would understand why you feel the way you feel about Kasab.. I do feel that he should be tried in any way possible, as a POW - if that works - so that the people who have lost loved ones atleast get some kind of closure. And so that the world gets to see that India has a just judicial system in place. The way to go forward would be for India to get in place some kind of law/guideline which would indicate how such terrorists would be tried - so that we do not waste valuable time in trying them.
As for Arundhati Roy, while she has the right to say what she wants - I agree with you that she is basically 'anti-establishment'. To my mind, she just thrives on publicity.. Its best to ignore such people. And I really think that we are lucky to have free press, and freedom of speech. There will always be people like Arundhati Roy - but thats a small price to pay for the freedom we have. Lets just ignore her and her like..

1conoclast said...


I'm a little irritated at your "get the picture" comment.

Your personal politics should stay out when you're encouraging someone/analysing something.

And what exactly are you implying with the Prannoy Roy/Brinda Karat connect?

So I guess everytime we rail against the rss we're right, because of nathuram dogse's connection with them???

A connect is sufficient indictment, right?

So rajnath singh is guilty because he associated with pragya singh thakur? And the sadhvi is guilty because she's ex-abvp, which of course is the student arm of the rss.

What wonderful reasoning Vinod!!!

I respect your unflinching ability to publish differening views on your bog Vinod, but this one I can't let pass. It's too petty if you get what I mean!

PS: We may not agree at all with what Arundhati has to say, but we can't deny that she raises some very valid issues.

1conoclast said...


Arundhati thrives on publicity...?

You may want to read what Guha said about her.

1conoclast said...

itna sannata kyun hai bhai...?

1conoclast said...


Does this sufficiently address the requirement voiced in your last two paras?

Kislay said...

You meant it to be a joke, I guess . But I will answer it seriously . It would be lovely if those guys did that , because then , the secular image of India would take less beating than usual , and as the blogger said , would provide them with active employment . :) But then , they would be labeled as Hindu Terrorists , which is not what I want . I would rather the Army did that . And if all those shiv-sainiks could be trained and a regiment could be formed out of it , even better . :D

1conoclast said...


Why would you assume (again???) that I meant it as a joke???

I'm dead serious. Let the @#$%^&* put his money where his mouth is! Let his do some desh-seva for a change!

And why on Earth will they be called Hindu Terrorists??? Is the Mossad referred to as Israeli terrorists for extracting nazi war criminals like eichmann from Argentina???
That is again classic negativity & assumptiveness! Who has filled you with such negative emotion Kislay? Please remember Dr. Chandrakant Patil everytime you get negative.

Kislay said...

Well, I am pretty sure our Indian media would be the first one to call them that . But they are not affiliated to Government , covertly or overtly , are they ? The Mossad is an Israeli organization . It would be better if they are trained and sponsored by the Indian Government .

1conoclast said...


So let him offer the services of his people to the Indian Govt. for this operation.

I hardly think the comments of a pro-peace media (which is an honourable stance) would bother thakre. He openly stated that there is a need for terrorists of that kind. Let him now do something honourable with the internal terrorists that he's bred for the last 25 years.

Do you remembering vajpayee censuring him for digging up the kotla pitch a few years back? vajpayee too asked him to go to Kargil & fight instead of stupidly digging up pitches. he refuses to rise to the occasion. I guess that's what impotence is all about, isn't it?

Kislay said...

That is an eye-opener . That is not people who claim to be true patriots would react . Sad .

1conoclast said...

Thanks Kislay.

Even sadder is that he ( is a hitler fan!) considers himself a patriot!
He is a Maratha patriot. He is hailed as a Hindu Hriday Samrat!

And even more sad is the fact that there are people who support his ideology & vote for his party. There are other mainstream parties (who I won't name, lest you or someone else accuses me of something wierd) who side with him & his party!

And they have the gall to call themselves nationalists.

And there are people like you & me, who believe that this second lot is actually nationalist!!!

I don't know which is saddest...

ramesh said...

Hi Kishlay,

I cannot write as good as you.
I had gone through your posts but they are really wonderful.

It is hearting to see how passionate you are for India.
I was strongest supporter of the encounters remember it helped in crushing the Punjab militancy.

When you cannot gather evidence against a terriost just shoot him down .Do you think Indians will come to Court to give evidence against a terriost that is a joke when we afraid of giving evidence in petty cases .

I would urge the Indian govt to act quickly before someone is kidnapped where one of the demands of the kidnappers in release of kasab .

TOI recently published that a news item that india had relesed 60 pakistani national involved in terrist activities from india jail from 2004.

Then I bagan to wonder if terrorism is not the biggest crime where encounters can be taken because when there encounters in Punjab,AP and utter Pradesh where people encountered are normally siks or Hindus why not terrorists then .
encounters will not be a method addressing terriosm because normally muslims are involved .that is big issue why there is double standards in applying law in india .

To the larger issue what needs to be done kishlay your reaction after the Mumbai attacks is genuine honest .that is how all the Indians should have reacted but we the Indians are such a selfish crooks normally we do not reacts unless our family or our caste person is involved.

I can see india dying slowly like river ganga is dying.the muslim population in india is growning at such a pace india will soon head for second partion something needs to be done to awaken people from the sleep .otherwise the minority appecement politics will get worse year after year where new heinous ideas will come up to the extent where India will become a satellite state of Pakistan.

Do any one challenge me that we are not leaving at the mercy of Pakistan .Look pakistans foreign minister is now dictating terms to india what a

Indian Home Maker said...

Aapko nav-varsh ki haardik shubhkamnayein :) :)

Kislay said...

Thank you for sharing what you feel . I have been trying to do the same . We Indians could do with a heavy dose of patriotism , across religious,linguistic and caste lines .

1conoclast said...


True Patriotism you mean...

Samuel Johnson said once, "Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel".

1conoclast said...


Was wondering if you got a chance to see this one?

1conoclast said...


Am waiting impatiently. Please convince me that your responding is also not becoming selective like some other bloggers I know. I've given you a few facts in a debate & want to know what you have to say in light of these facts.
Do please take out the time.

Yaamyn said...


Sorry, bro. Late response. I had been away from my blog for sometime nor did I really make much efforts to read other blogs.

Thank you for the response. I think IHM has already put forward some of my arguments.

However, I disagree with yours - and vinod sharma's - opinion that Kasab should be tried as a POW.

Why not? Because he's not a POW. He's an apprehended terrorist. India hadn't and has not declared a war against Pakistan and/or whichever organization he belongs to.

But let's not get into the technicalities just now.

First, I want you to realize that humans have a long civilization behind them. Among the first, of course were the Indian civilization.

Over thousands of years of being 'civilized', we have formed a set of rules that we consider 'humane' (not 'animale').

I personally believe the greatest achievements made by human intellect are concepts such as 'rights' and 'freedoms'.

Wherever in the world where 'rights' or 'freedoms' have been denied a population, there often results either chaos or a very surreal, iron fisted 'peace'.

Neither of which are desirable to our human minds.

Now, coming to Arundhati Roy. As IHM said, it's India's pride that Arudhati can openly speak and write and debate issues that aren't possible in so many other countries of the world.

She is exercising her 'freedom'. And that freedom is the very thing I intend to preserve here.

Threats to her and calling her names and resorting to childish 'connect-the-dots-and-pin-the-blame' tactics that vinod sharma has resorted to here, are symptoms that there are ENEMIES of that freedom in the country.

She has her own views about secularism. Unlike you, kislay, she probably feels that being a 'World Citizen' is more important.

Now some of us agree with her views whole heartedly, and some of us don't. Yet, the freedom to speak, to agree or disagree must remain solid and unshaken.

If you feel her views are 'anti-Indian', she also might feel your views are 'anti-human'. It's give and take. You have an entire post about gray areas. You should know.

That's about 'freedoms'.

Now, about 'rights'.

I hate Ajmal Kasab - I hate what he stands for, I cannot tolerate the kind of brainwashing/fanaticism/radicalism and violence associated with him. I abhor the very thought of him ever living among average citizens (of any country) again.

I want him punished.


We share the same contempt for the person. But you let this contempt override reason and rules and limitations that we have set for ourselves.

This has nothing to do with calling a spade or a pick-axe.

It's about Justice. You could think of the near 200 people killed by him and deny him the very concept of 'rights' that we cherish, and that differentiates us from fanatics like him.

I could say that even gangrapists don't deserve a lawyer.
Serial killers don't deserve a lawyer.
Raj Thakeray doesn't deserve a lawyer.

Many, many people don't deserve a lawyer. But ultimately, we have established some norms - for good reasons - and we HAVE to follow them, in our own collective interests.

Justice delivered to Ajmal Kasab, will be when he is given the severest punishment UNDER THE LAW.

Don't we both agree on that?