Friday, November 12, 2010

The Might of the X Chromosome

As most you already know, it takes a X and a Y chromosome to be a guy, and 2 X's to be a gal. Now, this Y chromosome has received much more than its share of attention , and its demand has shot so much in our country , that it led to a pre-premature demise of 5 million girls , and though not as many but quite a few mothers as well . There was a time when the Mother was blamed for giving birth to a daughter, people being completely oblivious of the Male's contribution in the form of a Y chromosome . Well, maybe people know a little more than before now, but I bet most of them don't know the following :-

1. The default gender setting for a child is to be a girl. The Y chromosome acts as a trigger to switch the gender. So all MCP's and men-who-think-women-are-inferior, you were all set to be a girl but for the Y .

2. The X chromosome has about 1200 to 1500 genes . Guess how many genes does the Y have ? Only 100 , and the number is going down .

3. The X chromosome encodes the information for about 1200 different proteins . The majority of these protein sequences are involved in brain development and adult brain function . If this does not make you bow before the Mighty X, then what will ? If it were not for your mommy, you would be blithering dithering idiot ! :D

4. Males are a lot more vulnerable to being mental ( for quite a few mental disorders) , as compared to females because while men have only one X , women have a backup . So if you thought being a guy was all fun and games, think again, for there might come a day when you wouldn't be able to think straight . ;)

In my opinion, the above mentioned facts conclusively prove the might of the X . :) And God save the Y chromosome, the poor thing is dropping genes , thanks to some rapid evolution , that it just might disappear one fine day . I bet that would make a lot of women happy . :D

p.s. My source : Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina . A really great read, if you want to know about how does your brain work , and how can you make it more productive and efficient . And anyone with a basic knowledge of Biology can read and understand it . 


Anonymous said...

so basically we can blame the men and watch the fun ;-)

Kislay said...


You can say that :)

Shail said...

I read this book some time back and I was all set to write on this point. Of course in my tongue in cheek way... but never got around to it.
This is info that everyone should read and realize the import of! :) Thanks for sharing :)

Sandhya said...

If you go to the matrimonial column, you can notice that more boys are seeking for girls! The ratio is coming down rapidly already!

Some of my relatives say that they are not able to get girls for their sons.

I have got two sons!

Shail's tweet brought me here, Kislay! Had read some of your posts earlier too. Nice.

Kislay said...


I am so grateful to the Universe for I stumbled upon this Great book . Every one , especially Indian parents, should read this , and be aware of the 12 rules . And the 11th rule should be hammered in to the minds of all young men :)


Thank you , and Welcome :)

The ratio has come down . The states in the North (Harayana and Punjab) are bearing the brunt already .

Shail said...

I agree, its a wonderful book in more ways that one. The Universe presented the book to me via my elder son who happened to read it and thought I might find it interesting. Now I have passed it on to my younger son :)
It is very lucidly written and the points are all ones to be noted and remembered.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating, Kislay! And I am now off to get hold of this book. This sounds like a wonderful book!

A post after a long time, Kislay!

Anonymous said...

Came here from the link Shail shared on Facebook. The woman in me feels empowered after reading your post.

The book seems like an interesting read, will pick it up for sure. Glad to have stumbled by your page :)

Kislay said...


And to be practiced as well :)


Yep . Long time indeed . The book is awesome :)


You have every reason to feel so :)Down with dumb and demented MCPS !

Sandhya said...

I think I read in 'outlook' about Punjabi boys marrying Kerala girls and they are happy about it! Girls shortage in Punjab, Haryana! It is spreading to other states too!

Kislay said...


Kerala is the only state where females outnumber males . I just hope the Punjabi lads learn to live with their Mallu wives .

Ritu said...

I read something similar and when my sons were younger I would call them mutants - since the default sex is female any way! Forwarding your blogpost to them

Chrysalis said...

Finally a post after a long time...and a mighty one at that :)
U r no blithering dithering idiot..thank u Kislay's Mommy :)

I am def. getting this book. And yes since I have a boy and a girl of my own...I have noticed that my daughter has a better immunity and a faster recovery time than her older (by 2 yrs.) brother! And interestingly have also observed very few young Mommies falling sick...the hubbies being more prone to the common cold,flu etc etc etc.

Aathira said...

Great post :)
I wish more people got these facts drilled into their heads!

Kislay said...

@Chrysalis :)

@Aathira . Thanks . And Welcome . :)

Ira said...

There's always a reason to crib about being a woman when you live in India (read: eve-teasing, career-marriage issues - a gender inquality index worse than Sub-Saharan Africa). But thanks to your post, I feel proud of being one! Brian rules is on my list!

Ira said...

brain* rules :D

Ira said...

Oh and pleasantly surprised to see you are a male writing on the X chromosome! Admire that because I don't see that often.

A said...

On a serious note, I am not sure what you say is 100% accurate. Some of them are theories with no empirical data to prove. Sure XX is female and XY is male but the probability of a baby being male or female is same even if you call it override. It is been seen that the upbringing rather than XY/XX that makes behavior of males and females different. For example, some say guys are good in Math and girls in art - that is completely incorrect. Here in the USA, in schools girls do extremely good in Math and Science.

On a lighter note, of course females are going to say they are superior and males also consider
beautiful girls better :))))

A said...

Following you now. May be you would like to do the same :)) I had posted some interesting posts on men/women issues...most light reading ...not of serious nature

Kislay Usha Chandra said...

@A : Hi A, Apologies for the almost 7 years late reply. :D This post was a result of the research and articles and I read on this topic. I will look for the sources and update the article accordingly.