Saturday, April 4, 2009

Empty Spaces

Empty houses
Empty schools
Empty parks
Empty temples
Empty graveyards
Empty roads
Empty streets
I see the world empty.
Is it really empty
Or am I deluded.
Even if I am,
But what about our hearts?
I feel a void there created by us
When we lied and didn't repent,
When we stole and didn't repent,
When we raped and didn't repent,
When we killed and didn't repent,
When we turned our motherland into abattoirs,
For all the" good reasons"
Of course we didn't repent then
After all it was done for a "good reason"
Place a mirror.
Which one is the object ?
Which one is the reflection?
What is reality ?
What is illusion?
Empty world or empty heart?
Is emptiness engulfing us
or are we engulfing the emptiness?
I feel empty
I feel full,
Empty of goodness
Full of evil.

p.s I did NOT write this poem . She did . And I am proud of her . :)


Winnie the poohi said...

its simple hence more effective !!

And how true.. there is a listless emptiness all around.. we try to hide it with gauzy lights which are over bright and music that is over loud.. but the void within is more deafening !

isn't it ?

Vinod_Sharma said...

Lovely words, disturbing truths. The last four lines say everything...

Usha Pisharody said...

Read it at the original blog too. This is one very observant and mature poem. The last four lines close the poem so well! Profound!

Kislay said...

@Winnie,Vinod Sharma,Usha Pisharody

Kudos to my little sis :) . She sounds much more mature than I .

Indyeah said...

Your sis Kislay?

She can write and how!
The beauty and the punch is in its simplicity...hits you in the gut straight...hug her and say thank you from me
though I am going there to say the same as well..coz she sure can write !

Powerful as hell!

Kislay said...


Makes me proud . :)

Goofy Mumma said...

Oh my! What pain and what truth.

manju said...

Lovely poem, Kislay! Lots of meaning in simple words!
I'll check out your sister's blog now.

Nam said...

Beautiful. I have no doubt that this is about "maya" the omnipresent force of delusion that surrounds us humans.

Anonymous said...

So much pain and truth in the lines.

Anonymous said...

Kislay, I see the world empty too, brilliant poetry by your sis man!

Kislay said...

@Goofy Mumma,Manju,Nam,Solilo,Chirag

The credit goes to my sister . :)

Ordinary Guy said...

briliant one dude... your sister has tha same talent!!!
always wanted to post coment with WP account but it has not worked... :)
so (defeated) posting this with blogger account....