Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tagged !

Tagged once more. By Miss Indyeah , first name Awesome . :) My apologies Madam , for I haven’t used a lot of personal pictures . So without much more ado , I hereby end my blogging moratorium .

1.The age I will be on my next birthday

Why oh Why ? Why ! Why the Hell ! Why am I not Benjamin Button . While most people celebrate their birthdays , for me it is a sad reminder of the fact that I am getting older . If only I could be 22 for the rest of my life . *SIGH* And the fateful day is March 22nd .

2.A place you would like to travel

That’s a tough one. I would like to travel the Entire world, and go on a space tour as well. To name one, I would like to see the Himalayas. The place doesn’t matter.

3.My favourite food and drink

Hmmm. I am a foodie. I like all kinds of food. I am always ready to take my taste buds on an adventurous trip. But to name one, off the top of my head, Rice and chicken curry . Favourite drink, for now , would a beer called Guinness . It is Irish . And I am sorry if it is against Indian culture, and the moral police de damned, but I like to down one , every now and then . As Harivansh Rai Bachchan jee said , “Hindu aur musalman do , ek magar unka pyaala, bair karati mandir masjid, mel karati madhushala” . Cheers . :)

4.Favourite pet

Dogs . Any given day. Anytime . Loyal, faithful, playful . What else do you need ? And horses would be a second .

And that is Kaara . She is with my family back home . And I miss her . :(

5.Favourite place

Manipal. For ever. I wish I could get that tattooed on my body . I studied there and it was the best time of my life. And I shall love it till the day I die .

That is End point . It was one of my favourite places .

6.Favourite color combination

7.Favourite piece of clothing

Birthday suit. I wish I could wear that every day , every time . Preferably with a leaf or two covering you-know-what . ;) And no picture for this one . But when I am my normal self, trying not to be a misfit of an outcast , I prefer a t-shirt and shorts . And barefoot .

8. Favourite songs .

It is this one .
Click Madi
:D And please do tell me what your reaction was .

Jokes apart , I don’t have on absolute all time favourite . So pardon me for the excesses , I will name a few .

Mad World – Gary Jules
Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
The Unforgiven – Metallica
Coming back to life – Pink Floyd
Dance of Death – Iron Maiden
Braveheart Theme Song – Enya
Play with fire – The Rolling Stones
Riders on the Storm – The Doors
Maa Tujhe Salaam - A R Rehman

I have named quite a few, so I will stop now .

9. Favourite TV Show(s)

10. Full Name of my significant other .

Hmmm . Her first name would be - Crazy-enough-to-fall-for-me . Her middle name would be - Patient-enough-to-bear-me And the last name - Brave-enough-to-take-the-plunge . Time alone shall tell who turns out to be my better half . I hope she turns out to be better , and not bitter .

11. City I live in - Bengaluru/Bangalore . Garden city . IT . Pubs ( :P to the Moral Police ) .

12. Screen name / nick name - Kislay . Always been Kislay . Except while playing Counter Strike , I am always me .

13. First job - Software Engineer . Always wanted to code since I was a kid .

14 . Dream Job - President of the Indian Moral Police Force . :D I shall ban everything directly or indirectly related to the WEST . There shall no more be a direction called West . Manage with three for the love of our Indian culture . The westerlies shall not blow as well . They hamper the digestion of Indian food , lead to constipation, and there fore are detrimental to our bhartiya sanskriti . I would even ban the letters W-E-S-T . Take that !

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life " . That would be my dream job .

15. Bad habits I have .

Day-dreaming . Sleeping . Lazing around . To name a few . I have many . :) I am a bad boy .

16. My Worst fear

I fear that I will turn against my own principles some day .

17. The one thing I would like to do before I die .

A re-union road-trip to Om beach , Gokarna with my close friends .

18. The first thing I would buy with $ 1 Million

My freedom . From the vicious cycle of materialistic pursuits . I will ensure that I never have to worry about food,clothing or shelter ever again . So that I will be free to pursue any interest of mine .

19. My Favorite credo(s)

Sab moh-maya hai . :)
Eat , drink and be merry . :D
Live and LET live . :-|

20. Time to be creative . I will add one of my own . If you were to get a tattoo , what would it be , and where would it be ?

I would get 4 . A barcode on the back of my neck , for fun . An Om on right arm . A Pi on my left . The symbol of my faith on my left arm , and the symbol of my Science on my right . And one swastika , NOT the Nazi one , on my chest . Smeared in saffron,white and green . Yes Mesdames and Messiurs, I shall wear my love on my chest .

Time to pass the baton . I don't think someone ever took it from me , except once . So , instead of naming people , I will just tag my entire blogroll . If your name is on it , you are tagged . If you are game enough , do the work . :)


Indyeah said...

:P @25!
you have a crying smiley at that??WHAT????I am going to be a pre-historic being then...:D

However,in this case,merely for using the words,'' first name Awesome '':D,this 'being' forgives you mere mortal!:P
going to work now...will be back with more..:)will read this @ leisure..:)

Usha Pisharody said...

This was entirely interesting and entertaining... :)

Lol@ Dream Job.. hope you do get that one :)

Ajit said...

That was a good one....

now I know what your kind of music is...
maybe you should listen to this:

and your color combi is brilliant....

Ajit said...

and this as well.....

Anonymous said...

Loved it,especially the 6,14,18 :)

Indyeah said...

:)..beautiful lines from Madhushaala...hear!hear!:)
Kaara:)Its verry hard to live without them isnt it?she must be wondering where her companion disappears from time to time..!
yay!!another barefoot fan!:)
awesome colour combination...:)somehow I knew you would pick ..:)
manipal?a lot of people I know say the same...must be a special place...specially the memories...:)
love all the songs specially,riders on the storm,blue eyes and of course,our own Maa Tujhe Salaam..:)
tv shows except BOB havent seen the others....will find them now..:)thanks!
you added your own..!good work!:)
*ahem *tatoo?:D so many?.awesome idea,if a tad painful...:D
I will pray you get the dream job...:D

Beautifully done....Kislay!

I am just happy that you have ended your blogging moratorium:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Your dream job sounds cool :)

Number 6 is really sweet, never thought of that as a colour combination :)

@16 Why do have this fear?

Kislay said...

Thank you all . But I am partially disappointed . None of you registered your response on "favourite" song .
Liked those songs man . Seen the movie . One of my favourites .
I must say it was a lot of work . :)
I don't know why I have this fear . I just have it . That is why it is my worst fear .

Anonymous said...

Earlier,i didn't have the time to view the song,sorry..

I love that song too..Hmm,i have heard some sickos humming this,but nevermind,you are a good boy,so i have no problem with this being your fav .lol...

Kislay said...

That was a joke . It is not my favourite song . I just put it there to get some interesting reactions :)

Anonymous said...

You have a crying smiley for 25? Here some of us at 30 are using 'age is just a number' theory.

Yes! to Bachchan's madhushaala :))

Coder from childhood now that is a dream came true.

BTW didn't you have a post on exaplaining your name..Kislay.. I posted a comment there that time but I don't see that post anymore. Or was that someone else --I am konphooooosed--

Kislay said...

22 till I die ! And yes , soon , I will have to resort to the "age is just a number" theory . :( I liked coding when I was a kid . I am having second thoughts now . :D I have a post on my name . You did leave a comment , and I replied to it as well . About my name , here it is , to clear your kon-phujon :D

Anonymous said...

Nice ones....quite like Rome too. Didn't know you were a hard rock/metal fan. Welcome to the club!

Quirky Indian

Kislay said...

@Quirky Indian
I fell in love with it in college . And have been hooked since then . I love the music from the 60's and the 70's the most .

Anonymous said...

what would i not give to go back to twenty five! :D

Why...? said...

Nice! But I thot u wud include "How I met ur Mother" in ur fav TV shows list :)

Trailblazer said...

Superb read, Kislay. Do write more of these About-Me posts.

Kislay said...

And for me , 22 . :)
Thanks buddy . I could say the same for you .:)

Indian Home Maker said...

I have attempted to express something here,
not sure I have succeeded, I would like to hear your views on this...