Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Favourite Serial Killer

My favourite serial killer is a Mr. Dexter Morgan, working as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department by the day, and a vigilante serial killer by the night. And sadly he is purely fictitious (to the best of my knowledge).Dexter is one of my favourite shows, as not only is it great entertainment for me, but it also enacts retributive justice, doled out by the protagonist to the sick and twisted, the killers, the drug lords, the rapists and the child molesters, the scum of the earth who managed to escape the justice, which is a concept I love. Taking out the trash, as Dexter calls it, brings this thought to my mind, wouldn’t it have been wonderful if there was a real life Dexter? If one can overlook the obvious that a character from a TV- show ( a book rather , Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay) would be successful at killing the bad guys and getting away with it easily as he was meant to , would the actions of such a man in real life pose an ethical and a moral dilemma ? How bad would I feel if I came to know that the society I live in just got itself rid of a scumbag? I would like to think of such a person as a scavenger, who feeds on the morally dead and rotting to keep the society clean. We, as members of the society are supposed to uphold the law and not break it. But how many criminals do really get caught by the system, specially the Indian one? The conviction rate is absolutely atrocious. More often than not, a criminal does get away. So should one wait for the windmills of God to work at their own pace or take the matters in their own hands .It is said that nobody except God has the right to take the life of another human being. Why are then the soldiers who kill for their country honoured and glorified? It is highly unlikely that the other man who is fighting for his country, for the right or wrong reasons, would be a menace to the society, and in all likelihood is a decent human being who had the courage and conviction to fight for his motherland. So, you are a hero and a saviour of your country if you kill dozens of this kind in a war, but if you do the same to the rotten bastards living amidst you, you are a god damned killer! A single act of murder or assault can be forgiven, but you cannot turn the other cheek when it happens again and again. A man who got away with what he did would most likely repeat it, confident that he would get lucky again. If only criminals were smarter! What provision did the law makers have for the scenario where the justice was thwarted? None, I guess. They left it to fate. I think our society would be better if there were a group of Dexter’s scouring to scourge the scum. The only catch is that there should be no reasonable doubt in ascertaining the guilt. In my day-dreaming sessions, I have often fantasized about being a vigilante or a superhuman, torturing the perpetrators of the most heinous of crimes to death. But will I be able to do it in reality? It would be great if somebody did all the dirty work, but what if I had to get my hands dirty? Do I have the courage to take another human’s life, even if he were the devils incarnate, and the mental strength to face the consequences of my action? I wonder if I have the spine to slaughter a chicken and then skin it for food, leave alone killing someone. And I wonder for how long these questions will remain unanswered.

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