Friday, December 11, 2009

Where is Indyeah ?

Where is she ? She has been AWOL for long . And I say this without a doubt , each and every one of us , members of our blog samaaj , must be missing her presence .

Where is this fellow gang member of mine ?

Where is that bubbly,cheerful,strong and sensible poetess ?

Where is that artist who paints pictures of different hues and shades with words ?

Where is Indyeah ?

If any one of you knows about her whereabouts , please share with us .


hitch writer said...

I actually think i will have to go on a hunger strike to bring her back...

seriously the kid has been absconding for far too long !

BK Chowla said...

I was a visitor to her site regularly and was happy with her comments on my posts.
If you find out about her whereabouts, do let me know.

Anonymous said...

I too miss Indyeah...Hitchwriter, I'll join you on your hunger strike...

Anonymous said...

Honestly,i too miss Indyeah..Maybe she got married,or maybe she got a new job and got relocated...or maybe she lost interest in blogging..

Vinod_Sharma said...

Even if she got married, she wouldn't have found the "Tiger" in her husband (if there is one) so soon?!

Miss her posts and comments.

Happy Kitten said...

Hope I can join this movement too..

miss her and her posts....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is she?

I haven't read a loooooooonnnnnng post in a while! ;-)


Quirky Indian

Inferno said...

Hunger strike is a good idea. I don't mind joining if it is a relay - i can do 8 hours max!

Any information on her whereabouts? Rapture?

Anonymous said...

ye non-believers!! :P:P here I am :D in the flesh!:D errr so to speak :P hale and hearty and with an extra dose of happiness(which would actually make me hyper but thats another story :D

Kislay..what do I say friend?:)))have seen all your mails and am truly touched......wont say will be in the mail after I receive one from you:P waiting to hear more:)

Dhiren, Chowla Sir, Vinod SIr, QI, Sraboney,Nimmy, HK and Inferno(have we met before?:D:D:D) thank you so much for these words....the feeling that one was missed is hard to well and truly back..will be bloghopping and blogging soon:)))

QI? will be writing *cough* *cough* very err 'short' posts soon:P:P:P:P

Kislay?one word again...mail!!! :))))))))))))))))))))