Sunday, March 1, 2009

We,the Foolish

1: One bunch of fools burns an idol (Kali Maa, for instance)/attacks a church/desecrates the Koran/insults the 10th Guru/spews venom about a language or region or religion/you-get-my-drift, inspired by some insanely foolish idea/thought/ideology/man/I-hope-you-get-my-drift.

2: The second bunch of fools, who could and should do something about it, do nothing. Maybe, their hands are proverbially tied.

3: The third bunch of fools, who shouldn’t be doing something drastic, irrespective of their proximity with the Zone where the incident took place, attack/burn (living and non-living entities)/rape the people belonging to the community of Bunch 1, who, in all likelihood had nothing to do with the incident.

4: The fourth bunch of fools, who wield the power, and are elected by all the other fools, sit-on-their-asses, wait and watch , spell check the speech they will deliver once the blood-and-the-dust settles down , ruminate over how can it be used to gain some political mileage . I speculate.

5: The fifth bunch of fools do some Live-Action-Reporting , preferably in English , present a one-sided story , unequivocally condemn the other-side , bandy with words like freedom,democracy,secularism,Gandhi,truth, non-violence, constitution etc., have open air/closed room debates on it , air their own opinions , go blah,blah and blah till your ears bleed and file a law-suit or two if anybody dare criticize their incessant idiotic rant. These bunch of fools, apparently, no nothing about investigative journalism (my personal opinion).

6: Bunch 3 and Bunch 4 swing into action. They go blah, blah and blah this time, count the dead bodies, start the blame game, declare compensatory packages, justify the actions of Bunch 1 or 2 depending upon their ideology and appoint another bunch of fools, which go by the name of “an enquiry commission”.

7: Bunch 6 , the enquiring bunch , fools around , digs up some stuff , makes-up the rest(Once again, I speculate) , presents a report , hopefully in a few years time from the incident . This report does nothing but makes a fool out of you. By this time, either Bunch 1 or Bunch 2 has swung into action again. So all this tom-foolery starts again.

8 : Bunch 7 , everybody else(you and I included) , who have been fooled through 1 to 7 in varying degrees and different ways, scratch their head , wonder what the hell the truth is , question the who,why,where,how and what of the now years old incident, talk about it , may be blog about it , and sigh dejectedly . :(

Bunch 5, is still going on and on and on. I loathe Bunch 5. If I were a cannibal, I would munch that bunch. I wish I was rich enough to fling a brick at my TV every time one of them came on. I wish I was even richer to start my own TV channel , and hire Russel Peters to make fun of them , 24/7 . Why don't they shut up ?

Fool me once , shame on you , fool me twice , shame on me , fool me so bloody many times that I have lost count , Welcome to India .


Winnie the poohi said...

Ahhh I concur!

Kartikey said...


Vinod_Sharma said...

Solution? Get rich, start a channel.......and find yourself encouraging Bunch 5. It's the moolah that matters at the end of the day!

Kislay said...

Eh ?
@Vinod Sharma
If I ever do that , it will be on the lines of Comedy Central :) . And making fun of B 5 will be top priority .

Anonymous said...

ha ha..How true and sad :(

Indian Home Maker said...


It can be frustrating, but nothing will bother me too much if nobody was killed or lived in fear of violence. That makes it really horrible.

Ordinary Guy said...

Number 7 has a large population and we believe in all the crap which is thrown at us..... :(
Jai Hind

Indyeah said...

Russell Peters..:) a damn smart choice Kislay :)Charkha and her ilk will rue the day:D
Russell Uncle would love to do that...(and even HE is smart enough to not want to get anywhere close to religion)

flinging a brick eh?:D
you would only make another giant corporation richer nothing else..LG or whatever your tv brand is..:D

I have now come to loathe bunch 5 too.
from the days of awe to this,its been a long journey..
and these were apt categories...

Like Ajit said we believe in the crap thats thrown at us..

I would put it as we sometimes believe that
we shouldnt and somtimes disbelieve that which we should..

Maald said...

For those not ready to turn LOOSE

Mothers Against 'Loosers'

manju said...

Unfortunately, not everyone in category 7 is really fooled, they nod their heads to be PC.

Nice post!

Kislay said...

To believe or not to believe !
Thank you . I completely forgot about the PC's . Further proof of me being a fool . :)

Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs, Kislay! :(

Kislay said...

Can't disagree .

Nam said...

Kislay, need your help to propagate this facebook group against the Congress Party and its monarchical trend:

Rahul Gandhi - India's Own Sarah Palin!

Please join and get all the people you know to join :)

Anrosh said...

commedy is the way to go -- at least one stays healthy laughing

Kislay said...

I will try my best . :)
Sure it is . The only way to keep your sanity .

cool cancerian said...

Oh boy! You said it and how!! Now I concur totally, especially with the brick throwing exercise.

Kislay said...

@Cool Cancerian
:D Brick-throwing is one of them .

Smitha said...

You have summed it beautifully - 'Fool me once , shame on you , fool me twice , shame on me , fool me so bloody many times that I have lost count , Welcome to India ' Agree with everything you've said here..

Kislay said...

Thank you .

Anonymous said...

Kislay, I don't know how I missed this incredible post! A great summary of our continued foolishness.

Fool me over and over again, using the same trick....welcome to India.


Quirky Indian

Kislay said...

Dhanyavad Quirky Jee :)