Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obessions, Addictions and Quirks !

I have been tagged, by dear IHM, to reveal my obsessions, addictions and quirks. So here it goes.

1. Numb3rs: Not the TV show, numbers in general. I like them. I like playing with my calculator. I love Pi. I am going to get a T-shirt with the value Pi up to a few thousand decimal places printed on it. I love Prime numbers. I like even numbers better than odd ones, and I don’t know why. This can be a quirk.

2. Adolf Hitler/World War II/The Holocaust: I want to know every damn thing that can be possibly known about the aforementioned three. I do not think that I am a neo-Nazi or can be one, but I do harbor a sentiment bordering likeness for Hitler(for his leadership qualities and oratorical skills). I often wonder how or why a human being can be so cruel. I would like to go back in time to hear him speak. And while I am there, I would also like experience the madness of WWII and the Holocaust through my own eyes. And I am often on the lookout for new movies, books and documentaries about them, the last one being Conspiracy. Definitely an obsession.

3. Bhagat Singh: Mahapurush Bhagat Singh. Son of the nation. My Hero. He would be an obsession.

4. Language: I loathe, detest, abhor and execrate SMS lingo. It hurts my eyes when I come across phrases like,”gr8 newz” or “omigosh”. It makes me cringe. And I don’t use it myself. And I always use uppercase letters to start my sentences while chatting. Here’s a sample :

Buddy_Boy: hi..any news?
4:25 PM Me: Nope . Not a clue . This implies that the doj cannot be before Dec or Jan
4:26 PM Buddy_Boy: ha ha..i knw..theyve gone to did u get thru any other company?
4:28 PM Me: Yeah , I joined a startup
4:29 PM Buddy_Boy: which firm?
Me: It’s called ******
Buddy_Boy: ok u gt thru tht e ltimus test?
4:30 PM Me: It’s not like that . E litmus gives you a score
4:31 PM On the basis of that score you apply to different companies. Then if you get called for an interview , you have to clear that for the job.
4:32 PM Buddy_Boy: ya thts wht..i Meant thru tht test score
4:37 PM Me: That helped. But I had to clear a written, coding and interview round.

An idiosyncrasy ?

5. Order and method: Aligning objects to my desk till I am satisfied. Re-arranging things at home. I like things arranged in a certain way, and I am at unease till they are in order. Quirk for sure.

6. My name: I keep writing it, on the last page of the note-book, here, there and everywhere. Somebody told me that it was because I am very ambitious. I doubt it. Big time quirk.

7. Books and Book-stores: I love reading, I love buying books, and ergo I love book-stores. When I enter one, I feel what a child must feel when it enters a toy-store. It’s like Disney land for me , and the more books it has, the happier I am. It is a happy-place for me.

8. Spicy food ,syrupy sweets, chocolates and ice-cream : I shall not let go of them till I am forced to do so, either by life or my doctor.

9. Trees: I judge the beauty of a place by the number of trees it has. The colour green never looked more beautiful and soothing when coming off a tree.

10. Hindu Philosophy: I believe that all the answers I am looking for are there. I just have to explore it. And someday I will.

11. Soda: Coke, Mountain Dew, Limca, Sprite and so on. If I have one serious addiction, it is my love for carbonated beverages. Not addicted to smoking or drinking, but to them. Quirky addiction,eh ?

12. Computers and Internet: Life would be worse than hell if I did not have access to a decent computer and a broadband net connection. A related addiction being the compulsion to Google. I have to Google, something or the other, at least once every day. I love Googling. I think about what to Google when I am not googling. I LOVE GOOGLE, and Wikipedia . King of Quirks !

Time to pass the baton, I tag Krishna Aradhi, Pranoy, Danny Buoy, Venkatesh, and 1conoclast .


Indian Home Maker said...

Interesting quirks, very unusual. Share the joy in book stores, curiosity about Hitler and holocaust - but then I cried through 'Sophie's Choice' and for a while regretted even reading it maybe because I could identify with her, she was a mother with two kids....
I also have read a lot about this...will do a post with links and lists of books on the topic. You could do the same, it will be informative and interesting :)
HATE SMS lingo. Totally.
I admire Bhagat Singh. And who amongst us bloggers would not be obsessed with the internet :)
Very nicely done tag, thanks :)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Kislay. Good to read all that you have written. You sure are ambitious and are leader material...remember this when you become one, in whichever field. A structured and disciplined organisaion like the Army is for you. Since it does not offer a quick cut to the top, find something similar, or wear the uniform for five years, Short Service.

WW2 and Nazi Germany is a fascinating subject, for the good, the bad and the very ugly,though all the material available is from the victor's point of view. In addition to Hitler, read about legendary German Generals like Rommel and Guderian and the American ones like Patton and Eisenhower...go back a bit more into German history and read about Bismark. Hone your leadership skills. There is much to be learnt there.

Kislay said...

Thank you . And Sophie's Choice , that's a new one for me to watch .

@Vinod Sharma
Thank you too . And as you said , the material available is mostly from the victor's point of view . I did see a movie about Patton , which was awesome , and I will make sure I buy a book about Rommel and Bismarck . Thanks for the suggestions sir .

venkatesh said...

I didnt disppoint you sir...
I perfectly afree with you about indian philosophy. I personally believe you should start from "Self unfoldment" by swami chinmayananda.

manish said... forgot you have got one more addiction :P

Anonymous said...

:) wow..lot of cool addictions..

1..Good luck having the T-shirt..Lets hope no geek-girl will chase u ;)

2--hmm..depressing addiction..Even i was addicted about 9/11 conspiracy..quit it forcefully..

3..Yeah,i like Bagath singh..sorry if i sound unpatriotic,i like his mode rather than Gandhi's ahimsa..When a slap is in need,you need to give it ;)

4..**sigh** even i do that knowingly or unknowingly..But there are some people who really get annoyed by it..By i reply "Language is a mode of communication..Provided you understand my message even in short words,why should i waste my time typing full alphabets..Phew,they get more annoyed..

5..i am too obsessed with keeping my room mate..but now life has changed and with a toddler,house is like a vegetable market..

6.No,i dn't do that..

7..gulp make me hungry..But i am obsessed with pickles..nobody lets me eat,so i have to steal and eat on my own house.. am more into vegetable gardening..

10..Thatz a great addiction..I was a least spiritual person till recently..Now i am more into it..Yeah,i too belive we can find for all our qstns..and once we reach that level,religion will be the most beautiful thuing in this world..As of now,every bangs head to each other,just for the sake of belonging to a religion,,grrr...

11..not really..2 bottle has 7-8 spoons of sugar..I am afraid i'll grow i restrict to drink one bottle in two weeks..

12.. Google has become my best friend ..

OOPs...i took up lot of space and i answered the whole tag..sorry ok..i jsut replied bcoz u did the tag in a beautiful way.. Good day :)

Kislay said...

Holy Mother of God ! That was like the King Kong of comments . And if you do know of a girl geeky enough to chase for wearing a T-shirt which has the value of Pi upto a few thousand decimal places printed on it , please let me know of her , and send me her phone number , :) . And thanks for such a generous comment .