Monday, September 8, 2008

An Award

Dear IHM , thanks a million for the award . I am more than honoured ! And was I surprised . I would like to extend the honour to the following :
1. Great Bong , because he is awesome . Brilliant and Funny to the core !
2. Gurudev Rao , for his incredibly informative posts , I have learned a lot from him .
3. Pranoy Maitra , for his radical Random Rantings, which are funny,touching,intelligent and interesting, in varying degress, and sometimes all at the same time .
4.The Screwed Dude , who is indubitably one the best poets I have ever met in my life . If you go through his blog , you won't find a lot of poems to read, but if he does put up all of his gems for display, my oh my, I promise you are in for a treat . I hope this award inspires him to do so .
5.The Naive Indian, which is a misnomer because this dude is far from naive . Keep up the good words brother .
6.Vinod Sharma , for his in-depth analysis of all that's news, another important source of my general knowledge .
7.Virtuality for Real, this lady just blew me away . Her posts on feminism and atheism are simply amazing . Hats off to you ! 

I had no idea I was supposed to do this, so my apologies for the delay . 

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Indian Home Maker said...

Kislay That;'s a nice new list of interesting blogs to read, some I already read, some I need to explore :) Thanks for these interesting links!