Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have been Tagged

I have been tagged by Indian Home Maker. So here it goes.

I am: a human, humane, a believer, a thinker, a dreamer (day and night), and an Indian.

I think: a lot, about many things, almost everything under the sun, retributive justice, democracy, quantum physics, the plight of Indian women, literature, history, religion, Computers, movies, etc. etc.

I want: right now, a better job, in the near future, to lead a peaceful life in my country without facing any hostilities from the “Locals”, ultimately, Salvation.

I have: a home, a family, friends, 3 meals a day, a job, citizenship of a democratic country, all my limbs and organs, and I am exceedingly grateful for all of these gifts.

I wish: to live in a united India, to see the complete annihilation of China on all fronts (metaphorically speaking) and to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

I hate: cats, most of the Indian politicians, China, Indian communists, pretentious and ostentatious people, religious fanatics, intolerance in general, impoliteness, Casteism, rapists, paedophiles, the dowry system, certain aspects of being Human, the list is endless.

I miss: Manipal, not my childhood, not my schooldays, just Manipal, where I spent the best part of my life, my college days; trees in my hometown of Patna, don’t get to see a lot them these days and playing cricket matches as I used to in my teenage.

I fear: living in a divided India, not being a good son, asthmatic attacks, getting married to woman who loves Saas-Bahu soaps, sways to Reshamiya, loves contemporary Indian cinema (starring the likes of Emraan Haashmi and Mallika Sherawat), is disrespectful to my family and does NOT read at all!

I feel: exhilarated when I see natural beauty, proud at events like the successful launch of PSLV or development of Eka, the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world, depressed when I see everyone going for an MBA (in lieu of higher studies in their own fields) for the big bucks, disheartened when people like Raj Thackeray are hailed, guilty and sad when I see the extremely poor, and on cloud nine with a rainbow around my shoulders when I finish a good book or a movie.

I hear: Rock n Roll of the 60’s and 70’s, A.R. Rehman and everything else that my ears approve of.

I fantasize about: doing an RDB on the mother effing scum bags ruling and ruining India, becoming a vigilante serial-killer, being Marcus Antonius, General of the famed Roman Empire under Julius Caesar, going back in time to be an eye-witness to the wars of Ramayana and Mahabharata, and WW II.

I crave: for knowledge, of everything in and around me and my soul mate.

I search: for the meaning of Life, the purpose of our existence, Life beyond Earth (if I had the resources).

I wonder: how different things would have been had people like Bhagat Singh, Azad and Bose been alive and in power after Independence, had Hitler won the WW II, had India been not partitioned, had I been a girl, had Mr. LPY not been in power for 15 years in Bihar and when the hell will I meet my soul mate.

I regret: doing certain stupid things as a child, procrastinating in my college days, drinking more soda than milk and not learning Sanskrit ( How will I explore my Hindu Philosophy ?)

I love: Mahapurush Bhagat Singh, son of the Nation(if Gandhijee is Mahatma Gandhi- Father of the Nation, then Shaheed Bhagat Singh is a Mahapurush and the son of the nation) , India, my family, freedom, Hindu philosophy, trees, peace and solitude, the company of my friends, Google, the internet, books, movies, rock n roll, computers, coding, food, dogs.

I ache: for my soul mate.

I am not: a male chauvinist pig, a religious fanatic, a criminal, a vegan, an advocate of Gay marriages, a crime-fighter by night, a person who can adopt a child and raise it as his own, a big fan of Himesh Reshamiya, Emraan Haashmi, Anu Mallik, Mallika Sherawat, Mahesh Bhatt,Rakhi Sawant, Ekta Kapoor, desi reality TV , Indian news channels .

I believe: in humanity, in violence and non-violence, in God, in extra-terrestrial life, evolution, the big bang theory, capital punishment, karma.

I dance: when the music persuades me to do so, and in my own whacky style.

I sing: Often to myself, but no better than a donkey brays.

I cry: Sometimes, after I saw RDB and TZP, when Mumbai was ripped by blasts again, when I flunked.

I don’t: like to shout at or be impolite to someone and expect the same, like to wait, like to travel alone, like to hurt anyone’s feelings, like being bossed around.

I fight: when my sense of justice has been offended.

I write: to pen down the thoughts bubbling in my head, to express my self, to blow off steam, even just for the hell of it.

I win: when I don’t give up

I lose: when I surrender

I never: eve-tease, had beef, had a girl friend, tried to kill myself.

I always: am trying to improve my vocabulary, try to know more about everything around me.

I listen: like a good listener.

I can usually be found at: Home, as college is over and I am eagerly awaiting my date of joining.

I need: love, warmth, peace, solitude, food for thought, work that interests me, good music, movies and books.

I am : Kislay Chandra

I am supposed to pass the tag to someone else, and I am not really sure who reads my blog. So its an open invitation. I pass this tag to any reader of my blog who is willing.


Manpreet said...

You are - definitely a hard worker at tags - just like me. :-)
I m yet to do IHM's tag though.

venkatesh said...

u wanna tag me?

Kislay said...

I pass the baton to you man .

Renu said...

I liked ur comments on some blog on family topic, I wud love to see any post on ur blog about family.

Kislay said...

Thank you . Which blog was it ? I am contemplating writing about my experiences of living in a joint family .